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Lisa Vaccari

Group Coordinator of IDEAS beamlines and Laboratories Senior Scientist - Coordinator of the Chemical and Life Sciences branch of SISSI beamline

Personal data

name and surname: Lisa Vaccari
place and date of birth: San Vito al Tagliamento, 27/06/1974
nationality: Italian
marital status: single, cohabiting, 1 daughter
e-mail: lisa.vaccari@elettra.eu
telephone: +39 335 1236228


2005: Ph.D. in Pharmaceutical Science, University of Trieste, Italy.

Thesis title: “Strategies for the targeted delivery of doxorubicin in the chemotherapy of colon adenocarcinoma: from micro to nanotechnology”;
Supervisor: Prof. Maurizio Prato.
Research activity: Development of miniaturized medical device for in-situ delivery of anticancer drug doxorubicin for the intraperitoneal chemotherapy of colon adenocarcinoma. Synthesis, functionalization and test of drug delivery capabilities of nanostructured materials: porous silicon and functionalized CNTs (Carbon Nanotubes). Fabrication and test of a silicon-based miniaturized multi-reservoir system for time-controlled delivery of drugs was fabricated and tested.

1999: MsC in Chemistry, University of Trieste, Italy. Mark: 110/110 cum laude.

Thesis title: “Characterization of cytochrome c2 from Rhodopseudomonas palustris”;
Advisor: Prof. M. Calligaris.
Research activity: Bio-crystallography: crystal growth, Synchrotron Radiation diffraction pattern acquisition, data analysis and crystallographic structure refinement.


  • Since 2019 Group Coordinator of IDEAS (Imaging, Diffraction, Emission, Absorption and Scattering) Beamlines and Labs
  • November 2011 - today: Coordinator of the Chemical and Life Sciences branch of the infrared beamline at Elettra – Sincrotrone Trieste, SISSI;
  • September 2006 – October 2011: Researcher (Beamline scientist) at the infrared beamline at Elettra - Sincrotrone Trieste, SISSI;
  • 2005 – 2006: Researcher at CBM (Consortium for the Center of Molecular Biomedicine), Trieste;
  • 1999 – 2002: Research Fellow at National Institute for Matter Physics, LILIT (Laboratory for Interdisciplinary LIThography), Trieste.

Academic Teaching

  • Master degree course, University of Trieste. Subject: Characterization techniques with synchrotron Radiation - since 2014.
  • Post-doctoral course in Nanotechnology, University of Trieste – since 2014.
  • Co-advisor of PhD students, Master students and Bachelor students.

Other Teaching activities

  • ICTP School on Synchrotron Radiation and Applications. ICTP, Trieste, Italy, May 2016.
  • XLVIII Zakopane School of Physics - Breaking frontiers: submicron structures in physics and biology. Zakopane, Poland, 20- 25th May, 2013.
  • Advanced School on Synchrotron Techniques in Environmental Scientific Projects. ICTP, Trieste, Italy, 15-26 April, 2013.
  • School on Synchrotron and FEL Based Methods and their Multi-Disciplinary applications. ICTP, Trieste, Italy, 19-30 March, 2012
  • SynCro'07, 1st Croatian Synchrotron Radiation Summer School. Rijeka, Croatia, 3th – 7th September 2007.

Research activities and experience

  • FTIR microspectroscopy of biological systems under physiological conditions.

Lisa Vaccari is expert in bio-spectroscopy and pioneered the exploitation of microfabrication capabilities for the design and fabrication of IR-suitable microfluidic devices for performing in vitro bio-experiments under physiological conditions in real-time.

  • FTIR microscopy and spectroscopy of cellular DNA/RNA: from reductionist to holistic approach in the interpretation of cellular FTIR spectra.
  • Ultrasensitive FTIR microscopy of diluted biomolecules assisted by plasmonic devices.
  • Complementation of FTIR microspectroscopy with diverse analytical techniques (AFM, micro-XRF and X-ray Imaging, flow-cyrometry, …) for biological system characterization and analysis.
  • Experience in micro- and nano-fabrication technologies and their interfacing with biological systems.

Publications and invited talks

Over 140 articles in peer-reviewed journals, over 30 invited talks and lectures at International Congresses, Conferences, Symposiums, Workshops, Universities and Research Centers. H-index - 31. The most recent publications appear at

Other Activities

  • Member of Proposal Review Panels at SOLEIL (France), ALS (USA), CLS (Canada).
  • Chair of the Life Sciences Proposal Review Panels at SESAME (Jordan).
  • Chair of the international workshop “SAFE: Smaller and Faster: Infrared and Terahertz Spectral-Imaging at the Nanoscale with Synchrotron Radiation and Free Electron Laser Sources” (1-2 December 2016, Adriatico Guesthouse of the International Centre for Theoretical Physics (ICTP), Trieste
  • Chair of the international workshop “NIMBS: New synchrotron radiation and optical techniques for nanoscale microscopy of biological systems: from single molecules to cells” (9-10 December 2015, Adriatico Guesthouse of the International Centre for Theoretical Physics (ICTP), Trieste
  • Member of the advisory board of the International Workshop on Infrared Spectroscopy and Microscopy with Accelerator-Based Sources, WIRMS 2011 (4-8 September 2011, Savoia Excelsior Palace, Trieste

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