The conference will be held at the Leonardo Da Vinci Building at the ICTP in Trieste (Italy), less than 10km from the city center. The building is located in Grignano, on the ICTP campus, just by the Adriatic sea. The area is connected to the city downtown by a local bus (bus line 6).

How to arrive

From Trieste Airport
Trieste is served by the local Ronchi dei Legionari airport. The airport is however located at about 40Km from the city center (airport directions). The connection between Trieste and the airport is possible either via public transport (Bus Line E51) or via taxi (the fare is about 50 Euro).

From Venice Airport
Trieste can be reached also from the Venice Marco Polo International Airport, which is connected with many more places. The Venice airport is located at about 100Km from Trieste. The connection with Trieste is by train (book/buy tickets at TrenItalia national railway website). Trains can take from 1h30 to more than 2h00, dependent on the train type (fast or local trains). The trains leave either from Venice "Santa Lucia" station or the Mestre station. Airport buses to Venice or Mestre station take about 30m. Local trains tickets must be validated before boarding the trains to avoid incurring in a fine. Fast trains have mandatory seats reservations. Trains tickets are usually cheap: about 10 Euro.

From Treviso Airport.
Trieste is also reachable from the Treviso Antonio Canova Airport. The connection to Trieste is possible by train, via Venice - Mestre train station. See info above.

From Ljubljana Airport (Slovenia)
Trieste is also connect to Ljubljana airport. Despite the distance is about the same as that to Venice Airport, public transportation is almost absent. The most straightforward connection is the private shuttle service GoOpti which can connect from Ljubljana Airport (and many other locations including above mentioned airport) to Trieste (and other airports).

From elsewhere by car
Trieste is served by the A4 Italian highway. The most straightforward exit to the ICTP campus is the Sistian-Strada Costiera exit, which following the panoramic route SS 14 along the sea leads directly to the city center. The ICTP campus and Adriatico Hotel are at about 15 km from the highway - Grignano/Miramare area.

About Trieste

The city of Trieste is located in the north-east part of Italy, in a narrow region of the country surrounded by the Adriatic sea and Slovenia, about 100km east from Venice. Trieste is a medium sized twon (ca. 205,000 inhabitants). As a gateway to Eastern Europe, the town has a close relationship to Middle Europe, of which it is an important cultural centre. Trieste has a growing economic, commercial and political role, taking advantage of its geographical location.

The city is nestled between high cliffs of the Karst plateau and the beautiful gulf, which gives to the sea a characteristic rocky coastline and to the city a special atmosphere, combining the Mediterranean character of southern Italian seaside cities, a Mountain trait and Middle-European temper.

Trieste has developed into a City of Science. The town hosts numerous research centres: the Abdus Salam International Centre for Theoretical Physics (ICTP), the International School for Advanced Studies (SISSA-ISAS), the International Centre for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology (ICGEB), the AREA Science Park and the Elettra - Synchrotron.