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by Michela Bassanese
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MONDAY 14.11

8:30 8:50 Registration
8:50 9:00 Welcome speech

Chair: William M. Fawley

1. Overviews: Science and machine global perspectives

9:00 9:35 Maria Novella Piancastelli
"Recent advances in atomic and molecular physics at the new synchrotron and free-electron laser sources"

9:35 10:10 Jan-Michael Rost
"Massive parallel ionization through intense short wavelength light"

10:10 10:45 Giovanni De Ninno
"Principles and performance of VUV/X-ray light sources"

10:45 11:05 COFFEE BREAK

2. FEL Facilities

Chair: Michael Meyer

11:05 11:40 Nora Berrah
''"Probing Molecules from Within using Ultra-Intense and Ultra-Fast X-Rays from the LCLS FEL"''

11:40 12:15 Joachim Ullrich
"Ultrafast Dynamics: Pump-Probe Experiments at Free Electron Lasers"

12:15 12:50 Kiyoshi Ueda
"FEL experiments in Japan: from EUV to X-rays"

12:50 14:05 LUNCH

3. Clusters, droplets, liquids, scattering

Chair: Paolo Piseri

14:05 14:40 Simone Techert
"Studies of the dynamics of bulk chemistry with FEL radiation - state of the art and perspectives"

14:40 15:15 Thomas Möller
"Ultrafast processes and imaging of clusters"

15:15 15:50 Tim Laarmann
“Coherent superposition of two rotational quantum states in the time domain: Microwave spectroscopy without microwaves”

15:50 16:25 Tobias Lau
"X-ray magnetic circular dichroism spectroscopy of size selected cluster ions: From spin coupling and orbital quenching to magnetic phase transitions"

16:25 16:45 COFFEE BREAK

4. High fields

Chair: Piero Decleva

16:45 17:20 Peter Lambropoulous
"Multiple Ionization under Strong Short Wavelength Radiation"

17:20 17:55 Giuseppe Sansone
"Molecular attosecond dynamics"

17:55 18:30 Reinhard Dörner
"Multiparticle Coincidences Studies of Photoionization of Quantum Halos"

18:30 19:30 Poster Session

19:30 DINNER


5. Advanced applications of Synchrotron Radiation

Chair: Maria Novella Piancastelli

9:00 9:35 Jan-Erik Rubensson
"Resonant Inelastic Soft X-ray Scattering Applied to Free Atoms and Molecules"

9:35 10:10 Catalin Miron
"Electron spectroscopy – a probe for fundamental properties of isolated species"

10:10 10:30 COFFEE BREAK

6. Pump-probe

Chair: Marcel Drabbels

10:30 11:05 Robert Richter
"Two-color experiments at the Gasphase beamline @ ELETTRA – CW and time-resolved studies"

11:05 11:40 Toshinori Suzuki
"Time-Energy Mapping of Photoelectron Angular Distribution"

11:40 12:15 Michael Meyer
"Atomic photoionization in intense XUV and optical laser fields"

12:15 Closing speech

VISIT TO Elettra/FERMI (Schedule to be determined)