Dear WAO 07 participants

Some of you send me comments on WAO 07 that I post on this page. Of course any kind of comments are welcome

Emanuel, Thanks you very much for the work you and your team did on the workshop. I had a really great time both during the talks and out on the town afterwards. Well done!

Thanks, Ron (Ron Lauzè )

Dear Emanuel,

Many thanks to you and your very capable staff for all the hard work in organising a truly memorable 'WAO07'. The cordial, warm and welcoming reception afforded to us all is much appreciated.

A special thank you for having arranged such pleasant weather as well.

I have arrived home full of happy memories, wishing that I could have stayed in your beautiful city a little longer.

Kind Regards,

Giorgio Guasco.

There were never any doubts in my mind. You and your team did an excellent job. One of THE BEST WAOs ever. Thank you again to you, your local organizing committee, and to the staff at Elettra.


Hello there Emanuel and staff at Elettra! It was great to meet you and you crew at the WAO2007 and I would like to thank you all for the organisation of this fantastic WAO2007.

I really enjoyed the week of WAO2007 as it was a relaxed atmosphere and it was easy to chat with all persons. And we really had different themes on the conversations. From control room routines to Italian wines!

I really can say that I came home with a lot of new ideas, knowledge and an positive attitude. We are not alone in the world with an old machine that is under constant threat of closing down, with a shrinking number of staff members doing all the job that several more people used to do.

I was also great fun to visit your place, a very interesting plant and I am sure I/we could learn a lot from you if I had spent some more time there. WeŽll see when that idea comes through. Probably first when there is a conference or workshop in that region again, that I can convince our leadership that I have to go to. :-)

I have some pictures from the week but I donŽt know how big inbox you have in your email system so I just attach some pictures for now. Maybe it is a better idea to burn a CD and mail it to you.

Have a good time!

Regards /Mikael, the swedish guy Mikael Pettersson

Good morning Emanuel, I would like to thank you and your staff again for the organisation of the WAO. It was very interesting, especially for a young operator, to see how other operation teams handle their accelerators. And to discover Trieste was very interesting as well, by the way...

I have attached an additional paper (.doc) regarding the new operation building at PSI. In Trieste, I already gave it to Stefano Krecic, but I haven't found it on your website. (Maybe this is just because it didn't fit the naming convention). So, you may already have it, but better to be on the safe side.

With best regards from gray and cold Switzerland.

Alessandro Facchetti


Thank you and thanks to your team for organizing a wonderful WAO 07. This was my first WAO and everything from the airport shuttle bus to excellent dinner made the experience a rewarding and informative trip. The best part was the opportunity to meet and talk with other people that do the same job and to see that other people are solving the same problems. It has reinforced my suspicion that the operations people are the only ones that know what is really going on at an accelerator. If we are able to organize a WAO at Berkeley it would be hard to compete with the enjoyable relaxed atmosphere you created.


Jim Morel


Hi Emanuel,

My sincere congratulations on the successful organization of the WAO 2007. Many thanks to you and your highly capable team, that worked hard to make the workshop and our stay in Trieste a memorable experience.

Do you know how many participants we had this year?

Best regards, Violeta ( Toma )

Hello Emanuel, I really enjoyed the workshop, you and your team did a great job!

For some reason there is the wrong version of my talk on the web. The version in the SPMS is correct, but in any case I'll attach it. Can you please take care that it will be updated on the web? Thanks!

Kind Regards Andreas (Luedeke)

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