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Phd Thesis

Non-equilibrium Phase Diagram of Bi2212 Cuprate Superconductors revealed by ultrafast optical spectroscopy.
(28 March 2012)

The subject of my PhD has been the study of Bi2212 cuprate superconductor samples by a novel, non equilibrium optical technique, namely, the ultrafast spectroscopy. This technique I contribute to develop joins the energy resolution to the ultrafast temporal resolution (<100 fs) of the non-equilibrium approach.

By performing measurements at different temperatures and on samples differing by the doping level, the phase diagram of the compound has been fully mapped, from the point of view of the non-equilibrium optical properties.

Important information about the normal state (from which the electron-boson coupling in cuprates has been inferred), the pseudogap phase (a complex interplay of different phenomena) and the superconducting state (in which a strong interplay between high- and low- energy scale physics has been revealed) have been reported.

The summary of all these evidences allowed to formulate a phase diagram for the Bi2212 compound, based enterely on the non-equilibrium optical response of the material.

For more details, you can consult the manuscript:
...or from the OpenStarTS Portal: 'PhD Thesis'

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