A SaaS for quantitative analysis of 3d images




Pore3D is not a stand-alone application but it is delivered according to the Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) paradigm.

In this way, users are not required to invest large amount of money acquiring high performance stand-alone machines and/or expensive software tools to install on the local machines but they take advantage of the service (hardware and software) offered by the scientific SaaS provider for only the necessary time period.

Instead of offering the Pore3D features on a stand-alone application, the features are available through the high-level scripting environment IDL. This scenario, represented in the figure, has been conceived taking into account that users may be interested in further data manipulation (e.g computing histogram of data distribution or performing correlation with other data) and/or representing data in custom graphical form (e.g. plotting the histogram or a regression line, etc...). These further steps, as well as image visualization and 3D rendering, are not part of the Pore3D goals but can be easily and well performed by means of IDL.