01 Advances in Symplectic Tracking for Robust Modeling of Nonlinear Integrable Optic
02 Theory of Square Matrix for Nonlinear Optimization and Application to NSLS-II
03 Hamiltonian Analytical Optics and Simulations of Betatronic Motion by Optical Devices
04 Birkhoff Normal Forms and Stability Indicators for Betatronic Motion
05 Diffusion in Stochastically Perturbed Hamiltonian Systems with Application to the Recent LHC Dynamic Aperture Experiments
06 A Beam Dynamic View on a Generalized Formulation of Spin Dynamics Based on Topological Algebra with Examples
07 Suppression of Higher-order Terms of Amplitude-dependent Tune-shifts in Nonlinear Optimization of Spring-8 Upgrade Lattice
08 Singularities of Particle Trajectory Caustics and Beam Shaping in Bunch Compressors
09 Effect of Head-Tail Mode Diffusion due to Synchrotron Radiation on Transverse Coupled Bunch Instabilities with Harmonic-cavity-lengthened Bunches
10 Application of the Coupled-bunch Instability for Arbitrary Multibunch Configurations with Applications to the NSLS-II Storage Ring
11 Longitudinal Single-bunch Instability Studies for Sirius
12 Practical Theory to Compute the Microwave Instability Threshold
13 Towards a Theory of Coherent Synchrotron Radiation in Realistic Vacuum Chambers
14 Suppression of CSR Effects at the Dogleg Beam Transport of SACLA
15 Arbitrary Order Perturbation Theory for Time-Discrete Vlasov Systems with Drift Maps and Poisson Type Collective Kick Maps
16 A Time-Discreet Vlasov Approach to LSC Driven Microbunching in FEL-like Beam Lines
17 Free Electron Laser Oscillator – A New Type of X-ray Laser
18 Harmonic Lasing in X-ray FELs Theory and Experiment
19 Harmonic Self-seeding for the MaRIE X-ray Free Electron Laser
20 Challenges Towards Monocycle Free Electron Lasers
21 Beam Shaping to Improve the Free Electron Laser Performance at the Linac Coherent Light Source
22 Schemes for Large Bandwidth Pulses
23 Compact FEL-driven Inverse Compton Scattering Gamma-ray and UV Source
24 Intense THz Source Based on Laser Modulator and Bunch Compressor with Electron Beam Ranging from 35 to 50 MeV
25 Could Synchrotron Light Sources Benefit from the Experience at CERN with Beams Split in Horizontal Phase-space
26 Round Beams at Petra IV
27 Generation of a Saw-tooth Bunch at AWA