The scientific program includes (see instructions below):

  • plenary talks of 25 + 5 minutes
  • talks of 20 + 10 minutes, in 2 parallel sessions (working groups)
  • posters

The participants are asked to indicate in the Registration if they are willing to present a poster .

- Invited speakers in plenary session

A laptop will be available in the conference room, where the invited speakers of plenary sessions are kindly asked to upload their presentation well in advance of their session.

- Speakers in working groups

Presentations in a working group (WG) will be coordinated by the WG chair.

- Posters

Up to 12 posters (format not larger than A0, preferred 70x100 cm or similar size) will be selected and accepted by the SPC. They will be attached in two rooms of the castle, and will remain visible during the entire duration of the workshop.

Program (last update on 27 July 2017)

Program Map of Castle

List of Contributions

  • Swapan Chattopadhyay (FNAL), "Particle beam physics in Arcidosso, 20 years later"
  • Amie Wilkinson (Univ. of Chicago), "Summary of the IPAM workshop"
  • Jerry Hastings (SLAC), "Is there just one ideal light source?"
  • Alezander Zholents (ANL), "Beam by design for Linac-FELs"
  • Richard Walker (DLS), "Potentialities and compromises in design of diffraction limited light sources "

  • Kwang-Je Kim (ANL, Univ. of Chicago), "Beam dynamics problems for an X-ray FEL oscillator"
  • Enrico Allaria (Elettra), "Fully coherent FEL pulses in VUV and x-ray wavelengths"
  • Sven Reiche (PSI), "Schemes for a large bandwidth FEL"
  • David Garzella (CEA), "Chirped pulse amplification for short VUV FEL pulses"
  • Haixiao Deng (SINAP), "Advances on phase-merging enhanced HGHG FELs"
  • Massimo Placidi, "A compact FEL-driven inverse Compton scattering high-energy gamma-ray source"
  • Zhirong Huang (SLAC), "Generation of high-power, tunable THz radiation from laser interaction with a relativistic electron beam"
  • Pietro Musumeci (UCLA), "Advances in inverse FELs" - To-be-confirmed

  • Toru Hara (RIKEN SPring-8), "CSR suppression at the dogleg beam transport of SACLA"
  • Yuantao Ding (SLAC), "Beam shaping to improve the FEL performance at LCLS"
  • Tessa Charles (AS), "Singularities of particle trajectory caustics and beam shaping in bunch compressors"
  • Sara Thorin (MAX-Lab), "Experience of bunch compression with linearising achromats in the MAX-IV Linac"
  • Philipp Amstutz (DESY), "A time-discrete Vlasov approach to LSC driven micobunching in FEL-like beam lines"
  • Gwanghui Ha (POSTECH), "Generation of saw-tooth beam at AWA"

  • Takashi Tanaka (RIKEN SPring-8), "Attosecond FEL pulses: physical and technical challenges"
  • James MacArthur (SLAC), "Towards attosecond science at LCLS and LCLS-II with sub-fs beam length manipulations" [To-be-confirmed]
  • Paolo Craievich (PSI), "Beam manipulations in FEL linacs using self-induced fields"
  • Tim Maxwell (SLAC), "Dechirpers design and experimental results"
  • Alberto Lutman (SLAC), "Fresh-slice x-ray FEL schemes for advanced x-ray applications"
  • Evgeny Schneidmiller (DESY), "First operation of a harmonic lasing self-seeded FEL"
  • Dinh Nguyen (LANL), "Harmonic self-seeding for the MaRIE x-ray FEL"
  • Claudio Emma (UCLA), "TW-level x-ray FELs"

  • Qing Qin (IHEP), "Operational scenarios of the Chinese high energy photon source project"
  • Andreas Jankowiak (HZB), "The BESSY VSR project for short X-ray pulse production"
  • Xiaobiao Huang (SLAC), "Storage ring beam dynamics with crab cavities for short and long bunches"

  • Giorgio Turchetti (INFN-BO), "From the Birkhoff normal forms theory of betatronic motion to plasma acceleration"
  • Armando Bazzani (INFN-BO), "Diffusion in stochastically-perturbed Hamiltonian systems and the recent application to the LHC dynamic aperture experiments"
  • Alexander Valishev (FNAL), "Recent progress on nonlinear integrability: theoretical work, simulations and experimental results"
  • Li-Hua Yu (BNL), "Theory of square matrix for nonlinear optimization, and application to NSLS-II"
  • Kouichi Soutome (RIKEN SPring-8, JASRI), "Suppression of higher-order terms of amplitude-dependent tune shift in nonlinear optimization of the SPring-8 upgrade"

  • Andrea Franchi (ESRF), "Misconceptions about betatron coupling in storage-ring-based light sources"
  • Weiming Guo (BNL), "Lattice options for the NSLS-II high brightness upgrade"
  • Peter Kuske (HZB), "Production of round beams in storage ring light sources"
  • Ilya Agapov (DESY), "Production of round beams at PETRA IV"
  • Massimo Giovannozzi (CERN), "Could synchrotron light sources benefit from the experience at CERN with beams split in horizontal phase space?"
  • P. Goslawski (BESSY), "First experimental results of operating beams split in horizontal phase space at BESSY II"
  • Nicola Carmignani (ESRF), "Sextupole calibrations via measurements of off-energy orbit response matrix and high order dispersion"

  • Yunhai Cai (SLAC), "Theoretical models of CSR in storage rings"
  • Robert Warnock (SLAC), "Toward a Theory of CSR in Realistic Vacuum Chambers"
  • Fernando Henrique de Sà (LNLS), "Collective effects at SIRIUS"
  • Ryan Lindberg (ANL) , "Fokker-Planck analysis of transverse collective instabilities in electron storage rings"
  • Gabriele Bassi (BNL), "Self-consistent simulations and analysis of the coupled-bunch instability for arbitrary multibunch configurations"
  • Francis Cullinan (MAX-Lab), "Transverse coupled-bunch instability thresholds in the presence of a harmonic-cavity-flattened rf potential"