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VUV-XIII continues a series that began in 1962. The most recent meetings have been held in San Francisco (1998), Tokyo (1995), Paris (1992) and Honolulu (1989). The conference encompasses all theoretical and experimental studies of the interaction of ultraviolet and soft x-ray radiation with matter over a photon-energy range from 5 eV to several keV. Relevant areas of research include atomic and molecular physics, surface and materials sciences, and the novel instrumentation required to conduct such research. The major tools of investigation such as synchrotron radiation, lasers, laboratory sources, and plasma sources are important topics, as are the associated optics, technology, and analytical techniques.

Time and Place

The Thirteenth International Conference on Vacuum Ultraviolet Radiation Physics (VUV-XIII) will be held on July 23-27, 2001, in Trieste (Italy) at the "Stazione Marittima", Trieste's Congress Center located on the sea front facing the Adriatic and within five minutes walking distance from the city center. The conference will be hosted by Sincrotrone Trieste , the Italian National Institute for the Physics of Matter (INFM) and the Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche (CNR).

The late July weather is generally very nice and ideal for visiting Italy.

>>> Deadline for submission to conference proceedings: June 15, 2001. <<<

Click here for tourist information about Trieste.

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Please download a booklet (in PDF format) with information about the conference.
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