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July 23-27, 2001
Stazione Marittima, Trieste, Italy

Abstract Submission

The deadline for Abstract Submission expired on March 15, 2001.


Download the Abstract Template and prepare the abstract with your favourite word processor following the instructions you will find in the form.

When the abstract is ready, convert it in a format suitable for submission.
Accepted formats are PDF and PostScript. If you don't have Acrobat software to convert your document to PDF you can print it to a file using a Postscript printer. The document will be converted automatically to a Postscript file. Then select the Abstract Submission Form link.

The screen will contain a blank template for entering abstract title, author information and other data needed. MANDATORY fields are marked with an asterisk (*).

The conference program includes INVITED ORAL sessions and CONTRIBUTED POSTER sessions (NO contributed oral sessions). Please indicate in the submission form which kind of presentation this abstract refers to by selecting ORAL or POSTER.

Please specify if you want to submit a request for financial support by selecting the associated check box and specifying the State or Region you are coming from. Details about financial support, including the conditions for eligibility, can be found here.

A prize will be assigned to the three best posters submitted by young scientists. Details of the prize, including the conditions for eligibility can be found here.

After completing all MANDATORY (and OPTIONAL) sections of the template, click "SUBMIT".
Note: if you leave the page before clicking the "Submit" button, the information you inserted will be lost.

If the abstract form is free of errors, the next screen titled "Abstract Submitted" will display the acknowledgment that your abstract has been accepted into the database together with an "Abstract Submission Number". If the abstract form contains errors, an error message is displayed. The same information will also be e-mailed at the address you provided in the form.

The abstract submitted in Postscript will be converted periodically into PDF by the system.

YOU CAN MAKE CHANGES BEFORE THE DEADLINE by using the Web address specified in the "Abstract Submitted" page (and in the Abstract Submitted e-mail), your "Abstract Submission Number" and the password. Please, before resubmitting attach the file with the abstract even if you only made changes to your personal data. If you wish, you can also view a previously submitted abstract if it has been already converted in PDF.

For any problem or information, please contact us.


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