At the end of the day... (checklist)

  1. Save all acquired data in SpecsLab2, KolXPD, KolLEED etc. and all other open documents you would not like to lose in the case of a blackout during the night.
  2. Disconnect SpecsLab2 or KolXPD from the electron analyzer.
  3. Correctly switch off all electronics in the experimental racks except for pumps and gauges.
  4. Set the titanium sublimation pump of the experimental chamber to TIMED mode (if needed).
  5. Close the beamline.
  6. Close water cooling of the evaporators.
  7. Close nitrogen and compressed-air valves if open.
  8. Switch off the X-ray source chiller.
Last Updated on Tuesday, 21 November 2017 09:11