Other equipment

Glove bag and nitrogen gas line

Glove bag can be installed on the load lock. Filling it with nitrogen from the gas line can avoid exposing surfaces of sensitive samples to air during insertion or removal. Moreover, other operations like electrochemical treatment or drop deposition from solutions on the sample can be performed in the glove bag. The nitrogen gas comes from the boil-off of the main liquid nitrogen tanks (99.9995%, impurity level about 5 ppm) at Elettra. We expect that the gas is extremely pure regarding condensible gases (water, oil vapour etc.) but the purity when it is delivered at the beamline is unknown. Our view is that most of the impurities in the gas phase of the glove bag come from the plastics, and the handling, not from the purge gas.

glove bag
glove bag

Nitrogen gas line is also used for venting load lock or other chambers.
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