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by Daniele Cocco

CARL ZEISS SMT - Laser Optics Division

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Carl Zeiss has a long-lasting expertise in the field of optical manufacturing and material processing for reflecting and refracting optical systems. For the synchrotron community optical mirrors of highest quality and of various geometries are in the focus of our commitment.

Horiba Jobin Yvon

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As a pioneer and world leader in the field of diffraction gratings, HORIBA Jobin Yvon continues to innovate with Variable Groove Depth (VGD) gratings. VGD gratings exhibit a continuously-varying groove depth across the grating width, allowing for continuous adjustment of the grating blaze wavelength with a simple lateral translation

Incoatec GmbH

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Incoatec develops and manufactures sophisticated multilayer and total-reflection X-ray optics as well as microfocus X-ray sources for in-house crystallography and synchrotron applications. Computerized optics simulation by ray-tracing, shaping of various substrate types as well as characterization of films by X-rays and optical profilometry complete our service profile. For Synchrotron Beamlines we especially offer ultra-stable total reflection optics for FEL’s, multi-stripe multilayer optics and deposition of thin films on substrate lengths up to 150 mm.

JTEC Corporation

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JTEC designs and manufactures state-of-the-art X-ray focusing mirrors. Our ultra-precision mirror is made by the original technologies (like EEM, MSI and RADSI) of processing and figure metrology developed by Osaka University. The collaboration between Osaka University and the X-rays optics group of SPring-8 / RIKEN has realized the diffraction-limited two-dimensional focusing of hard X-rays at the sub -100nm level using an ultra-precise K-B mirrors unit.

Physik Instrumente (PI) S.r.l.

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PI Physik Instrumente is the world leading company in precision Nanopositioning & Piezo Engineering, NanoAutomation and Hexapod parallel kinematic. We offer a comprehensive range of products from the actuators, to the PiezaWalk motors through multidegrees of freedom scanners for precision positioning, defining continously since decades the state-of-the-art of piezo technology. We can offer you the tailored solution for your application of adaptive optics, beam steering and stabilization, vacuum motion, optical inspection, laser cavity tuning, microlitography, interferometry and so forth.

SESO - Société Européenne de Systèmes Optiques

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SESO is a worldwide leader of mirrors for synchrotrons and has now delivered more than 800 mirrors and 200 benders. Recent development has lead to improve the quality of mirrors down to 1 microradian and even better when using active optic. Bimorph mirrors manufactured by SESO allow to make active optic directly on the X ray beam with 8 to 32 degrees of freedom. This allows to compensate aberrations linked to other optical components or thermal effect.

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