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by Ilde Weffort

Workshop venue

The workshop will take place at the Adriatico Guest House (AGH), of The International Center for Theoretical Physics, located in the village of Grignano, 500 meters from the Miramare castle of Trieste, Italy (upper picture).

On the following addresses of the ICTP web site there are all the indications on how to reach the venue:

Adriatico Guest House (AGH) information

How to reach ICTP and the AGH

Several useful information (including alternative ways to reach Trieste) can be found at the Tourist Office web site or at the Tourist Attraction Site

The Local Public transportation site is in Italian only (, but, for Your convenience, we report here the link to the bus line timetable, useful to reach the Adriatico Guest House.

Line 36 (Downtown (Piazza Oberdan) Guesthouse (Grignano))

Week days

Week end and Holydays

The Time table of the bus going to and from the Airport (Aereoporto FVG) can be found at the APT web site.

Please, feel free to contact us for any further information or clarification at or

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