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You can browse the program here or download it in html format or in pdf format You can also download the entire book of abstracts or the abstract of each presentation individually

Wednesday Oct. 8

17:00 19:00 Registration

18:00 20:00 Welcome drink

Thursday Oct. 9

8:30 9:10 Registration

9:10 9:20 Opening Remarks (D. Cocco) Slides:

9:20 9:35 Welcome Address (A. Franciosi)

Section 1. Free Electron Laser needs Chair M. Roper

9:40 10:10 Tiedtke K. The Quest for the perfect focus for high power density XUV and X-Ray beams: Experience from FLASH Abstract: Slides:

10:10 10:30 Sinn H. Requirements for bimorph mirrors at the European XFEL Abstract: Slides:

10:30 11:00 Zangrando M. The FERMI@Elettra beamlines. From diagnostics to microfocusing. Abstract: Slides:

11:00 11:40 Coffee break

Section 2. Bimorph mirrors on SR beamlines Chair R. Signorato

11:40 12:10 Quinn P. Bimorph mirrors: Performance and optimization on the microfocus spectroscopy beamline at Diamond Abstract: Slides:

12:10 12:30 Cautero M. New high voltage control system for bimorph bending mirrors Performance and applications Abstract:

12:30 12:50 Dent A. Overview of Bimorph Mirrors at Diamond Light Source Abstract: Slides:

12:50 14:40 Lunch

Section 3. Sponsor section Chair I. Cudin

14:40 15:00 Ciceri F. From piezo actuators to piezo walk drives, PI solutions serving active optics designers Abstract:

15:00 15:20 Hertlein F. State-of-the-art thin film X-ray optics for synchrotrons and FEL sources Abstract: Slides:

15:20 15:40 Thiess H. Fabrication of freeform mirrors: metrology and figuring Abstract: Slides:

15:40 16:00 Touzet B. New Tunable Blaze Diffraction Gratings for EUV Applications Abstract: Slides:

16:00 16:20 Maeda M. Ultra-precise figuring of KB mirrors Abstract:

16:20 17:00 Coffee break

Section 4. Metrology 1 section Chair K. Sawhney

17:00 17:30 Yashchuk V. Bendable X-Ray Optics at the ALS: Design, Tuning, Performance and Applications Abstract: Slides:

17:30 17:50 Polack F. Simultaneous estimation of the surface shape and the instrument error function from a highly redundant set of LTP data Abstract: Slides:

17:50 18:10 Alcock S. Using the slope measuring profiler to optimize the shape of Adaptive Bimorph Optics Abstract: Slides:

18:10 - 19:00 Discussion time

Dinner at Gaudemus restaurant, Duino

Friday Oct. 10

Section 5. Metrology 2 section Chair F. Polack

8:50 9:20 Rommeveaux A. ESRF Optical Metrology Applied to bent optical surfaces Abstract: Slides:

9:20 9:40 Nicolas J. The Optics Laboratory at ALBA Abstract: Slides:

9:40 10:00 Siewert F. Characterization and Calibration of Slope Measuring Instruments Abstract:

10:00 10:50 Coffee break

Section 6. Astrophysics applications section Chair B. Ramsey

10:50 11:20 O'Dell S. Optics Requirements for the Generation-X X-Ray telescopes Abstract: Slides:

11:20 11:40 Atkins C. Smart X-ray Optics for the next generation of X-ray telescopes Abstract: Slides:

11:40 12:00 Spiga D. X-Ray Imaging Telescopes: Prediction of the Expected Image Quality from Surface Roughness Metrology data. Abstract: Slides:

12:00 12:20 Canestrari R. Hot Press Direct Slumping: An option to manufacture deformable optics Abstract: Slides:

12:20 14:00 Lunch

Section 7. Wavefront preservation and characterization Chair F. Siewert

14:00 14:30 Yamauchi K. At-wavelength measurement and on-site compensation of wavefront error for hard X-ray nanobeam Abstract:

14:30 14:50 Kimura T. Development of adaptive mirror for wavefront correction of hard X-ray nanobeam Abstract:

14:50 15:10 Signorato R. Adaptive Optics and Wavefront control in the Hard X-ray Domain Past, Present and Future Abstract: Slides:

15:10 15:40 Idir M. X-ray active mirror coupled with a Hartmann wavefront analyzer Abstract: Slides:

15:40 16:20 Coffee break

Section 8. Devices for laboratory Laser and SR beamlines Chair M. Idir

16:20 16:40 Frassetto F. Bidirectional Membrane deformable mirror Abstract: Slides:

16:40 17:00 Kalbfleisch S. A Waveguide-based Imaging setup for Petra III Abstract:

17:00 17:20 Reininger R. Correcting Heat Load Induced Deformations on a XUV Beamline Abstract: Slides:

17:20 17:40 Flechsig U. The SLS Optics Beamline - Performance Measurements and Status Abstract: Slides:

17:40 - 19:00 Discussion time

Saturday Oct. 11

Round table on Bimorph mirrors system and technology Rocca Bernarda Castle, Ipplis

10:00 12:00 Round table

12:00 13:30 Visit at the castle, wine yard and cantinas

13:30 15:00 Lunch

15:00 17:00 Round table

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