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by Daniele Cocco

List of participants

  1. Alcock Simon Diamond Light Source Ltd
  2. Barrett Ray ESRF
  3. Cautero Marco Sincrotrone Trieste
  4. Chang Shih-Hung NSRRC
  5. Chung Shih-Chun NSRRC
  6. Cocco Daniele Sincrotrone Trieste
  7. Cudin Ivan Sincrotrone Trieste
  8. Dent Andrew Diamond light Source
  9. Flechsig Uwe Paul Scherrer Institut
  10. Gleeson Anthony STFC Daresbury Laboratory
  11. Gore David Illinois Institute of Technology
  12. Hertlein Frank Incoatec GmbH
  13. Huang Rong IMCA-CAT/CARS
  14. Idir Mourad Synchrotron SOLEIL
  15. Kimura Takashi Osaka University
  16. Polack François Synchrotron SOLEIL
  17. Quinn Paul Diamond Light Source
  18. Reininger Ruben Synchrotron Radiation Center
  19. Rommeveaux Amparo ESRF
  20. Roper Mark STFC Daresbury Laboratory
  21. Sawhney Kawal Diamond Light Source Ltd
  22. Siewert Frank Bessy Gmbh
  23. Signorato Riccardo ACCEL Instruments GmbH
  24. Sinn Harald DESY- XFEL
  25. Sutter John Diamond Light Source
  26. Thomasset Muriel Synchrotron SOLEIL
  27. Yamauchi Kazuto Osaka University
  28. Zangrando Marco Laboratorio TASC INFM-CNR
  29. Zizak Ivo Bessy GmbH

To enroll for the round table, after your registration to the main workshop please send us an e-mail at Please add in the Email subject line the sentence “roundtable”

If You have any particular topic to discuss in this round table, please let us know it and come prepared with 1 or 2 slides.

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