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Beamline overview

End station

The end station consists of 4 vacuum chambers separated by gate valves:

  Experimental chamber Preparation chamber - bottom Preparation chamber - top Load lock
shape cylindrical, Ø 400 mm spherical, Ø 300 mm cylindrical, Ø 200 mm cylindrical, Ø 100 mm
material stainless steel with internal
magnetic shielding
stainless steel stainless steel stainless steel
pumps turbomolecular + membrane
titanium sublimation
more details
turbomolecular + membrane
titanium sublimation

more details
through preparation chamber
- bottom or through load lock

more details
turbomolecular + membrane

more details
base pressure 1×10-10 mbar 5×10-10 mbar 5×10-10 mbar 5×10-9 mbar
working pressure ≤2×10-6 mbar ≤5×10-6 mbar ≤10 mbar ≤5×10-6 mbar
bake-out time 48 hours 12 hours 12 hours 12 hours
equipment 4-axes manipulator
ionization gauge
cold cathode gauge
sputter ion gun
LEED optics
electron analyzer
Mg/Al X-ray source
quadruple e-beam evaporator
4 e-beam evaporators
3 leak valves
quadrupole mass spectrometer
gas cell
ports available for user equipment
5-axes manipulator
cold-cathode gauge
sputter ion gun
quartz crystal microbalance
2 Knudsen-cell evaporators
ports for user equipment
5-axes manipulator
full range gauge
leak valve
ports available for user equipment
transfer rod
full range gauge
glove bag


pdf PDFs of some manuals are available here.

4- and 5-axes manipulators

4-axes manipulator: manual x and y, motorized z (300 mm) and polar Θ;
temperature range 100-1300 K.
5-axes manipulator: manual x and y, motorized z (500 mm), polar Θ and azimuth Φ;
temperature range 150-1300 K.
Drawings, How to use

Ionization gauge

(Varian UHV-24)
Bayard–Alpert-type hot-cathode gauge for pressure measurement.
Manuals 1 2, How to use

Cold-cathode gauges

(Pfeiffer IKR261 and IKR270)
For pressure measurement.
Manuals 1 2 3 4 5, How to use

Full range gauges

(Pfeiffer PKR261)
Integrated combination of Pirani and cold-cathode gauges for high and low pressure measurement, respectively.
Manuals 1 2 3 4, How to use

Sputter ion guns

(Varian 981-2043)
For sample in situ cleaning by Ar+ ion sputtering.
Manuals 1 2, How to use

LEED optics

(Omicron SpectaLEED)
For checking of surface orientation and reconstructions of crystals.
Manuals 1 2, How to use

Electron analyzer

(Specs Phoibos 150 with 1D-DLD detector)
For acquiring photoelectron spectra.
Manuals 1 2 3, How to use

Mg/Al X-ray source

(Specs XR50)
Non monochromatized dual anode X-ray source for offline use.
Manuals 1 2 3 4, How to use

Quadruple e-beam evaporator

(Oxford OS-Vap-4p)
With 1 retractable pocket (for rod/crucible) and 3 fixed pockets (for crucible) for physical vapour deposition of materials.
Manual, How to use

E-beam evaporators

(Tectra e-flux)
Two long evaporators fitted with a retractable pocket (for rod/crucible) and one short evaporator with fixed crucible (Ce) for physical vapour deposition of materials.
Manuals 1 2, How to use

Leak valves

(Duniway VLVE-1000)
For sample exposure to gases and vapours.
How to use

Quadrupole mass spectrometer

(Pfeiffer Prisma QMS200)
For checking the purity of gases.
Manuals 1 2, How to use

Gas cell

For gas phase photoemission during monochromator calibration.
Wiring diagram


For determining the photon flux of synchrotron radiation.


2 pyrometers with different temperature ranges CTLM-3H1CF4-C3 (100-600 °C) and CTLM-2HCF4-C3 (385-1600 °C) for optical temperature measurement. Focal distance 450 mm.
Manual, How to use

Quartz crystal microbalance

(Lesker/Inficon FTM-2400)
For determinations of the deposition rates of evaporators.
Manuals 1 2, How to use

Knudsen-cell evaporators

Custom-made evaporators for physical vapour deposition of materials with low evaporation temperatures.
How to use

Transfer rod

(Vinci CTLT 63 II)
For transfering the sample holder between different chambers.
Manual, How to use

Ports for user equipment

Ports (mostly CF38 but also few CF63 and CF100) where user equipment can be installed. Some CF38 ports are separated from the chamber by gate valves with roughing ports which allow changing the equipment without venting the whole chamber.

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