last update June 27, 2008, at 11:50 PM
by Andrea Locatelli

Oral Presentation

Distinguished Guest Lectures will last 50 minutes, including 5 to 10 minute discussion. All other oral contributions are 25 minutes, which should include not less than 5 minutes discussion.

  • Only videoprojector will be available.
  • Authors are advised to bring their presentations in a USB flash memory or CD rom. The personnel in charge will upload them on a dedicated PC. The above operation should be done well in advance before the beginning of the session. All presentation will have to be provided in MS Powerpoint 2003 format (Office 2003). We cannot accept presentations in MS Powerpoint Version 12 (Office 2007).
  • Alternatively it will be possible to show your presentation from your laptop, which will be directly connected to the projection system.

Poster Sessions

The size of the poster must be maximum 110 x 85 cm (portrait orientation). The conference organisers will provide a small sign designating the paper number to be posted on each board, as well as mounting materials.

  • The posters scheduled for the session on Monday 8th (17:30-19:30) can be hanged starting from Sunday evening. Authors are reminded to remove their posters right after the poster session on Monday.
  • The posters scheduled for the session on Tuesday 9th (17:30-19:30) can be hanged starting from Tuesday morning. Authors are reminded to remove their posters by the end of the workshop.

High resolution images of the LEEMPEEM6 logos are available for download.

LEEMPEEM6 logo 1
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