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by Andrea Locatelli

September 3 - 5, Hünstetten-Kesselbach, Germany: 3rd FOCUS PEEM User Workshop

Sponsoring the LEEMPEEM6 workshop

Vendor support is crucial to the workshop success, and we are grateful to companies who wish to sponsor the conference activity. In exchange, we offer the opportunity to disseminate company products to the vast and heterogeneous audience of the conference.

Sponsorship can be done at different levels. The most welcome support is direct financial support because this gives us flexibility in covering the various conference expenses. One other way to support the workshop is to share the cost (entirely or in part) of selected events, such as the welcome party, lunch buffets, coffee breaks. In order to organise a sponsored event please contact the conference secretariat. Agreements will be made a first come first served basis.

Sponsors will be acknowledged at the conference and during social events.

About this page....

This page is dedicated to host the logos of the sponsor companies, together with a link to their website. Logos will be arranged along a regular grid and inserted into this page as soon as the vendor commits sponsorship. Logos of the major sponsors will occupy the topmost positions. We invite sponsors to provide logos in jpeg format. Image width must be less than 300 pixels.

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