last update October 01, 2008, at 04:29 PM
by Andrea Locatelli


LEEM-PEEM is a biennial meeting reviewing the status of LEEM, PEEM, SPLEEM, XPEEM and related techniques. It aims at promoting and disseminating applications of cathode lens microscopy to a broad audience of interested scientists. The workshop highlights the most recent scientific advances as well as instrumental developments. Topics will cover thin films, organic films, surface chemistry, magnetism, time resolved methods, instrumental advances, and novel applications of LEEM and XPEEM to other subject areas.

International advisory board

Michael Altman, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

Ernst Bauer, Arizona State University

Gary Kellogg, Sandia National Laboratories

Takanori Koshikawa Osaka, Electro-Communication Univ.

Andrea Locatelli, Elettra

Bene Poelsema, University of Twente

Rudolph Tromp, IBM T.J. Watson Research Center

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