last update September 18, 2008, at 05:35 PM
by Andrea Locatelli


The LEEMPEEM6 conference proceedings will appear on a dedicated issue of Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter. The issue will be made a festschrift in honour of Prof. Ernst Bauer.

In order to give more time to authors to complete their manuscripts and hopefully receive more contributions, the deadline for proposal submission has been postponed to the end of December 2008. Publication should follow in May 2009, after the normal peer review process.

The manuscripts should conform to the style and format of JPCM research papers. The length limit is not more than 8500 words. The manuscripts must be submitted through the IOP website. Authors should choose article type = "special issue paper". Then, a drop-down list will appear and they should select LEEM/PEEM.

More information can be found at:

Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter / Scope.


Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter / Authors.

Papers will be available on-line free of charge for 30 days after publication.

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