Control Systems

Synchrotrons and Free Electron Lasers are complex machines made up of thousands of devices and equipment that must be remotely controlled and monitored from the control rooms during operations; they include RF systems, magnet power supplies, ultra‑high vacuum instrumentation, beam diagnostics, laser systems, undulators, etc.

Ourmission is to support the facilities operations by providing reliable, high‑performance, user friendly and highly available control systems.
The control systems consist of several computers distributed around the facilities that interface with the equipment. High performance local area networks connect them to a number of servers and workstations in the control rooms where operators and machine physicists carry out the commissioning of the machines and the preparation for the experiments. Distributed software frameworks based on special communication protocols allow software applications running in the control system computers to communicate to each other through the data networks.

In order to meet the demand of performance, reliability and availability of the control systems, state‑of‑the‑art technologies are generally used. Moreover, special care is taken in the design of the architecture, the choice of the technologies and the selection of components; open standards and commercial hardware are preferably adopted. Industrial systems are widely used for safety and protection systems where the cost of a system failure could produce serious accidents.
The quality of the scientific experiments carried out in the beam lines demands for an extremely high stability of the electron and photon beams. In order to stabilize their crucial parameters, several digital feedback systems using a variety of sensors and actuators and working at repetition rates ranging from a few Hz to hundreds of MHz have been developed.

An important component that contributes to the technical and cultural enrichment of the internal staff is the international collaborations in different fields of controls. In this regard our company is an active member of the international collaboration for the control software Tango (

Other content:

In more than twenty years of experience in the development, commissioning and management of control systems, significant skills have been acquired in several fields of electronics and information technology including:

  • Hardware (digital and analog electronics, PCB and electronic design)
  • Software (operating systems, programming languages, databases)
  • Data networks and communication protocols
  • System management
  • Real-time software
  • Feedback control of dynamic systems
  • Motion control
  • Accelerator physics
  • Project management


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