ICT Systems and Services

The ICT Systems and Services Activity is in charge of providing Elettra staff, users and guests with network infrastructure, main network services, hardware and software support.

Users Manual

Description of common informatic procedures for all people arriving at Elettra. Company policy for all users requesting computer or network services are described in the document "Disciplinare Tecnico sull'utilizzo delle risorse di calcolo e rete" (italian only).

Main network services offered by the Elettra Information Technology dept.

Local Area Network (LAN)

The Elettra Local Area Network is based on layer 3 switching technology on a core backbone of 10 Gbps with 1 Gbps available for desktop computers. Wireless networks are available for local staff or guests too.

Mail and collaboration

The Elettra e-mail service provides any user with 5 GB e-mail space. This value can be changed upon request via a ticket (Richiesta Intervento IT on the Virtual Unified Office).


The Ftp Upload permits easy file transfers to and from Elettra with an outside "partner" that cannot access the Elettra Intranet. It is based on FTP (File Transfer Protocol), with both nominal and anonymous autentication.

By using this service you'll be able to transmit (or receive) files that cannot be transfered via email, due to their exceeding dimension.

Please also consider the use of the Elettra Drive  instead, it's more easy to use. In the future the FTP service will be dismissed.


Remote Access

By the SSH (Secure SHell) service and VPN (Virtual Private Networl) it is possible to connect to the Elettra Intranet from the Internet in a very secure way.

File sharing

A cloud-based fileserver is also available for all people using an @elettra.eu Unipass account. With it files and folders can be synchronised with personal computers for offline use, or only online access can be used as well with no disk space waste on the client side. Also, direct file sharing to and from the outside partners is possible.

All the computers connected to the LAN can also access the file server sincro-share, which shares a big disk area, so to share files among the Elettra people: both private and public areas are available. However this service is under decommissioning; we suggest to use the Elettra Drive.


A great number of network laser printers is present at the lab. The necessary print queues are handled by the print.elettra.trieste.it server.


Other Services

Hardware and software support

Our service provides all the users with a first aid in case of hw or sw pc malfunction. Pay attention: only the staff of ICT Systems and Services Activity is allowed to carry out or authorize a maintenance intervention on a broken pc. Never do it by yourself! For more information read this document (italian only).



The ICT dept. offers licenses for general use software. More information is available in a dedicated section: There is some software in use at our lab with limited licensing: in other words, it's not for general use. Instead, it's reserved to some individuals or groups that also are paying for the licenses on their budgets. More info follows here:


Read the CEO communication about the necessity of a personal backup.
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