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It is quite frequent that FEL and Synchrotron radiation experiments require devices and instrumentation that are not available on the market.The development of these instruments often requires a variety of skills and qualifications, hardly available in a single company, ranging from UHV and mechanics knowledge to microelectronics and detectors expertise.
The Instrumentation and Detectors Laboratory was founded in 1994 at the Elettra Laboratory with the precise objective of setting up a team of engineers, physicists and technicians able to face the scientific and technical challenges issued by the new possibilities offered by third and fourth generation light sources.

Ion chamber and CVD Diamond Beam Position Monitors

Ion chambers and single crystal diamond detector Beam Position and intensity Monitoring (BPM) have been developed, suitable for Synchrotron radiation and FEL beam diagnostic. The very fast response of CVD diamond allows bunch by Bunch X-Ray BPM.

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High speed boards design, RF boards & projects, innovative solutions in many research fields

Special instrumentation and boards have been developed for many different applications, ranging from FAST STM scanning and acquisition electronics, LLRF systems and bipolar HV power supplies to picoammeters, electron energy analyzers and fast feedback electronics.

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Electrons and photons 3D detectors (x, y and time)

Bidimensional delay lines detectors of several shapes and dimensions are developed in the laboratory, often totally customized for particular experiments.
The possibility of knowing, with few picoseconds resolution, the arrival time of each detected particle makes these detectors particularly suited for time resolved experiments.

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Electronics for time resolved experiments

Preamplifiers, constant fraction discriminators (CFDs) and TDC electronics allow time resolved experiments with few picoseconds resolutions and multihit capability.
Thanks to the Time to Digital Converter boards, analogue or completely digital, time resolution below 40 ps and count rate higher than 10 Mcounts/s are available

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Although at the beginning of its activity the laboratory focused on electron and photon detectors, in the last 10 years many other devices have been realized and are currently working on beamlines and storage rings of several synchrotron radiation sources around the world. in addition to multianodes and cross delay anode detectors, the most significant instruments developed are picoammeters suited for 4 quadrants detectors, current and voltage power supplies designed for magnetic multipoles or mirror bending, time to digital converters for time-resolved measurements, fast STM electronics and several kinds of ion chambers and CVD diamond based BPM.

Many of these devices are now commercialized by Sincrotrone Trieste through the Industrial Liaison Office. All products are fully described there; thanks to their excellent performances, almost every major Synchrotron Radiation Source in the world uses instruments developed by the Detectors and Instrumentation Laboratory.

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