Elettra Sincrotrone Trieste is a multidisciplinary research center of excellence, open to the international research community, specialized in generating high quality synchrotron and free-electron laser light and applying it in materials and life sciences.

Top Stories

Free-electron lasers
Polarization shaping of ultrashort extreme-ultraviolet pulses
Imaging techniques
single-shot 3D microscopy demonstrated at FERMI
Quantum materials
topological winding of electrons in the quantum world
Quantum materials
Probing the arrangement of subsurface dopants in silicon devices


What's New

Elettra participates in the European Researchers' Night - SHARPER 2023
30 years of Elettra light and 60 years of Science+Fiction on display
Elettra In-kind Partner of ESS - colleagues visit to see the impact of their work
Great interest and participation in PhotonMeadow23 workshop in Trieste
Workshop "µ-XRF at Elettra 2.0: Challenges and Opportunities"
Angela Montanaro awarded by the Società Italiana di Fisica
Iulia Cojocariu awarded by the Helmholtz Association
Visit during the Joint ICTP-IAEA Nuclear Energy Management School
Kuske and Walker appointed as Elettra Fellows
BLUEAIR Interreg Adrion Project hosted by Elettra's ILO

LEDS Workshop – Longitudinal Electron beam Dynamics for coherent light Sources logo
03 - 05 / 10, 2023 | ENEA Frascati, Rome
LEDS Workshop – Longitudinal Electron beam Dynamics for coherent light Sources
26th ESLS RF Workshop logo
08 - 09 / 11, 2023 | Savoia Excelsior Palace, Trieste, Italy
26th ESLS RF Workshop
Low Emittance Ring – Permanent Magnets Workshop logo
14 - 15 / 11, 2023 | Trieste, Italy
Low Emittance Ring – Permanent Magnets Workshop
BatSynch - The Battery Challenge at Synchrotrons logo
29 - 30 / 11, 2023 | Trieste, Italy
BatSynch - The Battery Challenge at Synchrotrons
Nanoscale Transport Phenomena logo
30 / 11 - 01 / 12, 2023 | Adriatico Guesthouse, Trieste, Italy
Nanoscale Transport Phenomena

Upcoming Seminars

Seminars archive
Mon 16 Oct, at 10:30 - Seminar Room T1
Yoshikazu Mizuguchi (Department of Physics, Tokyo Metropolitan University)
Tue 17 Oct, at 10:30 - Seminar Room T1
Margherita Citroni (Nature Communications - Springer Nature Group)


The synchrotron light source ELETTRA

Elettra Machine link Scientists from all over the world can access our beamlines by submitting proposals that are evaluated on the basis of pure scientific merit and potential impact.
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The free-electron laser FERMI

Fermi Machine link The next generation light source is ready to open unprecedented opportunities in science, providing the brightest probe to look at ultrafast processes in the matter.
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MUR International Projects

MUR International Projects link As multidisciplinary research centre Elettra Sincrotrone Trieste is directly involved in numerous large-scale international projects.

Industrial Liaison Office

Industrial Liaison Office link The Industrial Liaison Office (ILO) manages Technology Transfer and  promotes the use of Laboratory facilities in applied research and for industrial applications.

User Area

User Area link Assistance to users coming to our facility for conducting proposals approved on the basis of peer review. How to become a user, apply and prepare for beamtime.

Strategic Partnerships

ceric link IAEA link ICTP link CEI link


fels of europe link LaserLab Europe link Leaps link lightsources.org link
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European Territorial Cooperation programmes

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