World X-ray science facilities are contributing to overcoming COVID-19


The X-ray Science Facilities, with the intent to coordinate and strengthen their support of scientific research and solutions to the COVID-19 pandemic, assembled for a remote access video AOBA SR20 Summit on 23-24 April 2020, among the delegates Claudio Masciovecchio, Director of FERMI Free Electron Laser. The following Action Plan was adopted:
  • Share information and contribute to the coordination of efforts across all X-ray Science Facilities on scientific research addressing the COVID-19 pandemic 

  • Explore the establishment of a worldwide X-ray Science Facilities network including university and industrial users for a comprehensive mobilization of facilities 

  • Study the development of a shared IT system to accelerate the process of information distribution, favor global cooperation among facilities, and enable the most rapid and effective access for scientific projects across facilities 

  • Exchange experience on remote access and sample mail-in procedures by the user community to maintain and strengthen experimental activities without user travel. 

  • Coordinate efforts of the X-ray Science Facilities with those of other analytical facilities as, for example, those using neutrons, cryo-electron-microscopy, lasers and nuclear magnetic resonance 
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