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Spatially resolved chemical characterization with scanning photoemission spectromicroscopy: towards near ambient pressure experiments

The first measurements of core level photoemission spectroscopy and imaging obtained with spatial resolution of the order of 100 nm at near ambient pressure have been achieved at the SPEM of Elettra.
Sezen H et al., ChemCatChem (2015).

The unique combination of surface and chemical sensitivity has ranked X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy (XPS) as one of the most important experimental methods for characterization of catalytic systems. The success of the first near ambient pressure SPEM experiments manifests that the developed novel solutions can pave the road to ambient pressure photoelectron spectromicroscopy. In the present review using representative examples we demonstrate the power of chemical surface sensitivity with a submicron spatial resolution to study nanostructured matter and/or processes occurring at surfaces and interfaces at their natural length scales. The reported exemplary results have provided evidence that due to structural differences sub-regions of nanoparticles exert different reactivity

and catalysts supported by nanostructures can be easily characterized. Responding to the increasing demand to use SPEM for in situ and even in operando studies the recently developed DHP and high pressure cell solutions allow the SPEM at Elettra to overcome the pressure constraints and to operate up to mbar range, opening new frontiers for this technique.

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Spatially Resolved Chemical Characterization with Scanning Photoemission Spectromicroscopy: Towards Near-Ambient-Pressure Experiments Sezen H, Alemán B, Amati M, Dalmiglio M, Gregoratti L , ChemCatChem (2015)
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