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GasPhase Beamline - Contacts

The users are encouraged to get in touch with the local contacts to discuss all issues regarding the experiments, their feasibility. Advice and feedback on both scientific and technical matters will be provided.


 Robert Richter
 Sincrotrone Trieste
  Email: robert.richter@elettra.eu
  tel:: 040-375-8287/8642 (SX P0 030)
  tel: 040-375-8692 (ESP4P1 015)
 Michele Alagia
 Email: alagia@iom.cnr.it
  tel:: 040-375-8287/8642 (SX P0 030)
  tel: 040-375-8418 (ed.M )
  Web Site: michele.alagia
  Kevin C. Prince 
  Sincrotrone Trieste ; Team Coordinator
  Email: kevin.prince@elettra.eu
  Mobile. +39 335-1272677 (cod. breve #89547)
  tel:: 040-375-8287/8642 (SX P0 030)
  tel: 040-375-8585 (ESP4 P10)
  Marcello Coreno 
  CNR- ISM;  Beamline Manager 
  Email: marcello.coreno@elettra.eu
  tel: 040-375-8287/8642 (SX P0 030)
  tel: 040-375-8420 (ed.Q2 st.108, p2) 
 Web Site: marcello.coreno
  Fabio Zuccaro
  e-mail: fabio.zuccaro@ism.cnr.it
  tel:: 040-375-8332 (SX PT VUV)
  tel: 040-375-8287/8642 (SX P0 030)
  tel: 040-375-8961 (ES4 PT 016)
  Monica de Simone
   e-mail: desimone@iom.cnr.it
   tel: 040-375-8419 (ed.Q2 st.108, p2)
   tel:040-375-8287 (SX P0 030) 
   Web Site: monica.desimone
  Cesare Grazioli
  CNR - IOM 
  e-mail: cesare.grazioli@elettra.eu
  tel:: 040-375-8287/8642 (SX P0 030)
  tel: 040-375-8443 (ed.M)

  Carlo Callegari
  Sincrotrone Trieste
  e-mail: carlo.callegari@elettra.eu
  tel: 040-375-8844 (T2 P1 031)
Lorenzo Avaldi
   e-mail: lorenzo.avaldi@imip.cnr.it
  Web Site: lorenzo.avaldi


Past Members

Antti Kivimäki 
 e-mail: antti.kivimaki@maxiv.lu.se
 presently@ MAX IV
 Web Site: antti.kivimaki
Michele DI FRAIA
groupSpectroscopy, Photoemission and Dynamics

groupSpectroscopy, Photoemission and Dynamics
 Alessandro D'Elia
  phD student  - UniTS & IOM
  e-mail: delia@iom.cnr.it
  Alessandra Ciavardini
  presently @ UNG
  e- mail: alessandra.ciavardini@ung.si
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