Data Analysis

You can process the LEEM-XPEEM data from the Nanospectroscopy Beamline using a set of dedicated routines developed by us. The SIS (SPELEEM Image Suite) package is a collection of image analysis routines for use with Igor Pro (Wavemetrics). The SIS enables you to process very efficiently the images acquired with UMeasure, our own data acquisition program. Before using our software, it is useful to understand the data format and its structure. Please read the information provided here. The SIS package can do spectral analysis, region of interest (ROI) analysis, particle analysis, micro-XPS analysis, XMCD data processing, and much more. The  package is intended as a collection of macros that will be progressively expanded to include a very large set of analysis procedures developed during in-house as well as users dedicated experiments. The SIS package requires IGOR 6 to be installed on your computer, that means you must own a license.

Installation instructions for Windows:

  1. download the SIS zip file into C:\igormacro\SIS;
  2. extract the zip in the same folder:

Installation instructions for MAC:

  1. download the SIS zip file;
  2. extract the zip to "/Applications/Igor Pro 6.3 Folder/User Procedures/"
In order to use SIS, open the file "SIS_Core.ipf" with the menu File/OpenFile/Procedure and then compile it. Old versions of the Igor based analysis tools are not supported any longer. For further information please contact: or


  1. SIS latest version: (2021/11/03):;
  2. SIS latest version for MAC OS: (2017/03/07):;
  3. SIS previous versions:


tools to analyze work function measurements: files/Documents/Nano/SIS/

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