High pressure diffraction beamline: Xpress

Welcome to Xpress!

 Xpress is a dedicated high pressure diffraction beamline, employing a monochromatic x-ray beam, 25 keV. A Pilatus 3S 6M detectoris used to collect the diffraction pattern.  Currently high pressure powder diffraction experiments at ambient temperature could be performed using a variety of diamond anvil cells. Typical pressure range is 0-50 GPa. 


Xpress  beamline was developed from a partnership between Indian scientific community, administered through Indian Institute of Science (IISc), Bengaluru and Elettra Sincrotrone Trieste.

The beamline capabilities can be useful in investigating a number of interesting research topics in condensed matter physics, material science, chemistry, geophysics, mineralogy etc.

New Pilatus 3S 6M
sample chamber (x-ray & optical)
HP-XRD scheme


 User area:  Proposal Submission

We invite users and collaborators to discuss their proposals well in advance to enable a careful assessment of the experiment feasibility.

When to apply

The Call for Proposals deadline occurs twice a year, typically on March 15 and September 15. The exact dates are advertised on this website of Elettra.
Beamtime proposal submission

Proposals must be uploaded and submitted to the Elettra Virtual Unified Office (VUO). Before writing a proposal, you and your collaborators must register on the VUO.

Useful links

Research Fields

Condensed matter physics

  • Superconductivity
  • Strongly correlated electrons


  • Process of mineral origin and formation

Material science

  • New functional properties



  • Novel materials


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