A THz beamline at the FERMI Free-Electron-Laser

TeraFERMI is the THz beamline of the FERMI Free-Electron-Laser (FEL) facility. TeraFERMI collects the THz radiation naturally emitted by the electron beam already spent by the FEL undulators, and guide it into a dedicated THz Laboratory. Ultrashort (100's fs) pulses in the multi THz range with MV/cm electric fields and Tesla magnetic fields then become available in the FERMI experimental hall. Because of the extremely large fields involved, the beamline can be used to shape material's properties by driving the systems out of equilibrium. Moreover, the TeraFERMI beamline also provides the perfect playground to study for the first time the coherent THz emission from a seeded 4th generation light source.


The TeraFERMI project is a joint collaboration between Elettra - Sincrotrone Trieste, the INSTM consortium, and CNR-IOM. TeraFERMI is supported by the FIRB “Futuro in Ricerca” grant no. RBFR10PSK4.


THz-TDS spectrometer

A novel THz-TDS spectrometer based on photoconductive antennas is now available at TeraFERMI for steady state sample characterization

t-resolved spectroscopies

We have recently implemented a new set-up to perform THz-pump/IR-probe (780 or 1560 nm), allowing to simultaneously measure the reflected and transmitted signals  

Closed-cycle He Cryostat

The installation of our closed cycle He cryostat is presently ongoing. The first experiments with users are expected in November 2021.

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