The 4th Sostero Award 2022

Prof. Kazuto Yamauchi (Osaka University) has been awarded with the 4th Giovanni Sostero Award during the IWXM2022 (online) workshop.

Yamauchi-sensei with the Sostero Award

During the International Workshop on X-ray Optics and Metrology (IWXM -, remotely held and organized by Helmholtz-Zentrum Berlin, an important event for Elettra Sincrotrone Trieste and its community took place again after 4 years. For the fourth time the Giovanni Sostero Award for metrology was presented to a distinguished person in the field of x-ray metrology.
The recipient was Prof. Kazuto Yamauchi, from Osaka University, for his outstanding contributions to the science and technology of the production and metrology of ultra-precision x-ray optics, and for successfully transferring this technology to the commercial sector for the benefit of the entire synchrotron and free electron laser community.
Congratulations Yamauchi-sensei!
Elettra will keep remembering Giovanni also in the next years with new editions of the award, which is by now internationally popular in the x-ray optical metrology community.

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Presentation of the 4th Sostero Award (IWXM2022 - M. Zangrando pdf

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