PRESTO Results 2016

PRESTO, the Pulse Resolved Energy Spectrometer: Transparent and Online, is fully operative and has supported basically all the activities involving the use of FEL light. In particular, it represents the most important diagnostic tool available along PADReS, giving detailed information about the entire spectral content of each single FEL pulse delivered to the endstations.

PRESTO resolving powers

Measurement of the emission wavelength and the spectral content of the photon radiation is essential information for both machine and experimental physicists at a free-electron laser (FEL) user facility. Knowledge of the photon beam spectral properties is needed during the machine optimization and for performing machine studies (i.e. monitoring the change of the FEL output as a function of the machine parameters). The experimentalists, on the other hand, need to know the photon beam spectral distribution of the source, shot to shot, to discriminate the acquired data. Consequently, the main requirement for the instrument, supposed to obtain this information, is the capability of working on-line and shot-to-shot, with minimal perturbation of the beam delivered to the experimental stations. Starting from the grating fundamental equations, the conceptual design of the FERMI Pulse-Resolved Energy Spectrometer: Transparent and On-line (PRESTO) is presented, explaining the optical design in detail. The performance of PRESTO, in terms of resolving power, efficiency and spectral response, is also discussed. Finally, some useful features beyond the usual measurement of the energy spectrum are reported, as they have been routinely used by both machine and experimental physicists.

For further details check the following published paper:

PRESTO, the on-line photon energy spectrometer at FERMI: design, features and commissioning results

C. Svetina, D. Cocco, N. Mahne, L. Raimondi, E. Ferrari and M. Zangrando

J. Synchrotron Rad. (2016). 23, 35-42
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