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Time and angle resolved photoemission spectroscopy 

We use time and angle resolved photoemission spectroscopy for investigating ultra-fast response of electrons to laser pulses in novel advanced materials. For this purpose we employ a two-color pump-probe scheme where femtosecond pump pulses in the visible/infrared excite electrons to higher energetic levels, which are then probed by ultra-short extreme-ultraviolet pulses (produced by laser high harmonic generation). Research is currently focused on superconductors, topological insulators, and metal/organic molecule interfaces.

Time and angle resolved photoemission spectrum (trARPES) as a function of energy and pump-probe delay at the Γ point in CaFe2As2.


Characterization and control of high-harmonic generation

We explore novel generation schemes for producing high-harmonics of the Ti:Sa laser in gas with exotic properties. Current research focuses on the generation of extreme-ultraviolet light carrying both spin and orbital angular momenta. For this purpose we utilize a two-color wave-mixing scheme, where we perturb the high-harmonic generation process with the second harmonic of the driving laser.

Transverse profiles of the ring-like shaped optical vortices carrying orbital angular momentum (OAM) obtained at CITIUS with the two-color wave-mixing scheme. For each harmonic (h) of the driving laser, the OAM content (l) can be controlled by adjusting the intensity of the two colors.


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The CITIUS laboratory has established several international collaborations which include CEA (Paris, France), IJS (Ljubljana, Slovenia), University of Regensburg (Germany), Synchrotron SOLEIL (Paris, France), University of Leuven (Belgium), etc.





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