Electronics for time resolved experiments

Preamplifiers, constant fraction discriminators (CFDs) and TDC electronics allow time resolved experiments with few picoseconds resolutions and multihit capability.
Thanks to the Time to Digital Converter boards, analogue or completely digital, time resolution below 40 ps and count rate higher than 10 Mcounts/s are available

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Rev. Sci. Instrum. 82, 033109 (2011);
Rev. Sci. Instrum. 82, 123109 (2011);

The Detectors & Instrumentation Laboratory developed the TDC section ofa novel experimental apparatus for performing time-resolved soft x-ray absorption spectroscopy in the sub-ns time scale using non-hybrid multi-bunch mode synchrotron radiation.
The present setup is based on a variable repetition rate Ti:sapphire laser (pump pulse) synchronized with the 500 MHz x-ray synchrotron radiation bunches and on a detection system that discriminates and singles out the significant x-ray photon pulses by means of a custom made photon counting unit.
The whole setup has been validated by measuring the time evolution of the L3 absorption edge during the melting and the solidification of a Ge single crystal irradiated by an intense ultrafast laser pulse. These results pave the way for performing synchrotron time-resolved experiments in the sub-ns time domain with variable repetition rate exploiting the full flux of the synchrotron radiation.

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