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  • FIRB (Accordi di programma 2011)
  • AIRC (Programmi di ricerca 5permille)
  • MECHANOSTENOSIS (Giovani ricercatori Ministero Salute)
  • PROTEO (Programma per la Cooperazione Transfrontaliera Italia-Slovenia 2007-2013)
  • EXOTHERA (Interreg Ita-Austria) 
  • BIOMEC (Regional Funds LR 17/2014)


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Research @ NanoInnovationLAB

The NanoInnovation Laboratory has been established in 2003. 

Our group works on applications of nanotechnology to biophysics and translational medicine. The focus is on world spread diseases, as cancer and neurodegenerative diseases. We implement innovative sensing strategies for the detection of disease molecular biomarkers at the early stage of disease progression, as well as integrated platforms to decipher the mechanisms of disease development. Our platforms are based on Atomic Force Microscopy, to study macromolecules and biorecognition events as well as cell and tissue biomechanics; Fluorescence Microscopy; Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy. These platforms are complemented by other Synchrotron Radiation-based techniques. Expertise in surface bio-functionalization, bio-recognition at surfaces, self-assembling, nanopatterning, is at the core of our activities.

Our group is composed by highly motivated graduate students and postdoctoral researchers from Physics, Biology, Biotechnology, Bioengineering, and Materials Science. We collaborate extensively with groups from University of Trieste, the International School of Advanced Studies (SISSA), the medical school of Udine, and many other Universities in Europe, Africa, India and in the US.




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