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All information on safety at Elettra can be found on the intranet, under "activities", prevention and safety. We encourage users and internal staff to consult the Prevention and Safety section of Elettra - Sincrotrone Trieste website, where you will find a comprehensive collection of procedures and safety instructions. You will also find instructions on how to manage an emergency, first aid numbers, as well as a dedicated page on COVID-19.


Special on COVID-19

-Read carefully all the Entry Procedures that you can find at this link for Reopening the Structures of the CNR-IOM Headquarters in Trieste and sign the Access declaration available at  https://www.iom.cnr.it/safety-covid-19;

- We ask you not to enter if you have or feel flu syntoms (fever, chills cougth, sore throat, stuffy nose, muscle aches...) or you have been in contact with people displaying flu syntoms in the last 15 days.
- In presence of health conditions that make them susceptible to particular and more serious consequences in case of contagion, please read this document and we strogly advise to ask to perform the experiment via sample mailing (remote operation).
- Promptly notify the beamline scientists (who will notify the persons in charge) of the onset in the workplace flu-like symptoms taking care to remain at an adequate distance from people possibly present.

- At the entrance of the S building, (door with glass in fron of the beamlines BEAR/LILIT, just before BACH) plase fill the Register form of the day with your name and the buildings you access.

In accordance with Circolare 15/2020 of  Elettra Sincrotrone Trieste and general rules for the COVID-19 containment, all workers operating at the beamline must observe to the following rules:

  1. Maintain a safe distance of at least 1m and minimize contact with other persons.
  2. Coordinate work in order to reduce contact times. Split the work into shifts or into separate days whenever possible.
  3. Always carry a surgical-type mask with you and wear it covering mouth and nose whenever a distance of at least 1 m cannot be maintained.
  4. maximum number of two persons (including, when authorized, external users) may work at each beamline experimental station and in ventilated rooms (experimental hutches, laboratories) without masks as long as a distance of at least 1m can be maintained. Whenever more than two people are needed to perform an experiment, a preliminary authorization should be obtained from the group coordinators.
  5. Masks must not be shared. Used surgical-type masks must be discarded in the dedicated bins. Information on bin locations can be found here.

  6. As you enter wash hands with soap following the established rules (at least 20 s). Wash hands regularly with soap or hand sanitizer dispensers, which can be found on site. Avoid touching eyes, mouth and nose with your hands. Avoid shaking hands and hugs.
  7. The equipment shared by multiple persons (e.g. handles, phone, all keyboards of instruments and PCs, mouses, monitors, tables, pens,....) has to be cleaned with disinfectants before and after each use. Whenever that is not possible, gloves will have to be worn by each researcher. All tools (screwdrivers, pliers, scissors,...) have to be cleaned with ethanol in the ultrasound machine.
The beamline personnel is responsible for keeping the work station clean and tidy. The end-station has been equipped with a bottle of Meliseptol disinfectant. A disinfectant (0.1% Sodium hypochlorite solution) will be soon provided by SPP. These products must be used to clean and disinfect the control table, keyboard, mouse, trackball and all other equipment that are frequently used in experiments. Cleaning has to be done before starting a shift as well as when concluding it. It is advised to cover the keyboard with domopak to protect it by contaminations.

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Work places

A maximum presence of two people is allowed. There are three separate work stations marked with tape (hutch, branch C, monochromator). Only 1 person can work in the space delimited by the yellow and black tape on the floor. See the photos. Only 1 person is allowed inside the acquisition hutch. Do not enter inside the hutch if a person is already inside.The door of the hutch has to remain open and the airconditioner always OFF. 
Only one person can work inside the LASER HUTCH. Even when working alone, surgical-type masks must be always weared inside the laser hutch.

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Safety and General Rules at the BACH beamline

Before starting any experimental activity at the BACH beamline, there are two types of training required:
1. General safety training required by Elettra in order to access the Experimental Hall (Emergency plan, Radiological risk, Radiation Protection Activity, Elettra Safety Training, COVID-19 rules)
2. Beamline Specific Orientation (by reading this document carefully before starting your experiments and reading the BACH manual online: http://www.elettra.trieste.it/lightsources/elettra/elettra-beamlines/bach/bach-manual.html)
In case of emergency (water flooding/fire...) call the BACH beamline scientists (numbers posted on the wall inside the data acquisition hutch) and the Control Room: 8922/8923. 

Each person is responsible for his or her own safety. Research will be conducted in a safe and responsible manner. 
Your first priority should be to secure your own safety. Before starting your experiments, please note the locations of emergency exits, fire extinguishers and fire alarms. 
Always follow the three-point rule to avoid falls and electric and Chemical/Gas safety rules.
Working alone is strongly NOT recommended! In particular, lone working on the platforms and around the BACH endstations must be avoided. Any activity at endstations and beamline (outside the data acquisition hutch) should not be carried out unless a second person is standing by or the user has been authorized by BACH staff to carry out special procedures. Any risky situation must be avoided. 
Please also remember that many experimentalists are working together in the experimental halls in a common space: always consider the safety of the others!
Situations of potential danger should be reported right away to the BACH beamline scientists. Communicate any accident or irregularities to the beamline staff immediately. Malfunction or damage of the equipment should be reported right away to the BACH beamline scientists.
No food is allowed at the BACH beamline. Do not eat at the BACH beamline are (endstations and BACH hutches).  In the Building T ground floor there is a kitchen for storage of food and drinks and for having your meal. Inside the Experimental Hall there are water distributors for drinking.
Never bring with you the key of the door of the data acquisition hutch.
If you need to leave the beamline unattended, make sure that the water cooling of the evaporators has been switched off, the superconducting magnetic field is zero.
The users must keep careful notes of all research engagements on the official BACH logbook. The BACH beamline logbook MUST be used to record all BACH beamline activity and to report all equipment/software/controls malfunction or damage (besides sending right away an email to the BACH beamline scientists).
Users practice safe and responsible computing. Please do not use internet on control computer. Never install software on any BACH computer.

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Users are responsible for:

Understanding and following safety protocols and adhering to all applicable signage.
Always wearing long pants and close-toe shoes, slip-resistance soled shoes, flat shoes. In particular it is forbidden to wear smooth-surfaced soles (such as leather), high-heeled shoes, flip-flop or open-toe shoes when accessing or working inside BACH beamline area. 
Wearing personal protective equipment when working with potentially hazardous substances. In particular, have close-toed shoes, long pants and sleeves and face/eye protection (no uncovered skin) when handling liquid nitrogen or wear a hard hat and safety shoes whenever carrying/lifting heavy items, laser-protection glasses when laser is in operation. 
Posting proper safety protocols and signs required for experiments. 
Contacting BACH staff and the Control Room in case of a problem.
Backing up data and completing on-site data processing before run has ended.
Cleaning up the beamline and lab areas before run has ended.
Reporting immediately missing or broken equipment.
Disposing of food-related garbage in the appropriate garbage bin.
Disposing of contaminated gloves or tissues in the appropriate garbage bin.

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Users are not allowed to:

Making repairs without authorization
Aligning beamline optics (except PreVert pitch) without authorization
Operating cranes
Removing covers, interlocks or unplugging detectors or other electrical equipment
Using computer terminals not assigned to users.
Leaving end stations unattended during potentially dangerous operations (water cooling running, gas dosing, superconduction magnetic coil energized, laser on…)
Refilling liquid helium canisters
Handling cryogenic dewars without protection close-toed shoes, long gloves, long pants and sleeves and face/eye protection (no uncovered skin!)
Handling cryogenic dewars without  authorization and appropriate training
Handling any high voltage cable
Handling toxic/inflammable/high pressure gas bottles
Bringing any chemical or hazardous sample or instrument at the beamline without any written authorization of BACH scientists and spp@elettra.eu.
Accessing the closed areas around the endstation when superconduction magnet or laser is on.
Baking out the BACH endstations unless authorized by BACH scientists.
Access the high platform around the cryomagnet endstation.

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