Capillary alignment procedure

Below is the procedure to align a flat sample on the MCX beamline. The parts in bold refer to plugins in the MCX control software. You can find the plugins in the lower left part of the main program window. 

  1. Close the stopper
  2. If old sample is spinning, stop the spinner using Diffractometer->Spinner
  3. Move 2-theta to 65 degrees using Diffractometer->Four circle controller. Position the light under the capillary.
  4. Remove the cap from the camera
  5. Put the capillary on the spinner.
  6. Rotate and align the capillary until it rotates withoiut changing position on the monitor. It is best to start by putting the capillary as straight as possible using the arcs of the goniometer head.
  7. Start the spinner to verify the quality of the alignment. If not happy, stop the spinner and repeat step 6.
  8. Put the cap back on the camera.
  9. You have now aligned the capillary! Make sure it is spinning when you start the measurement!
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