Server/Client (MSB-MONO)


In brief

This software controls the position of the optical elements of the monochromator. plane mirror (PM} and plane grating (PG). Server is performing all operations while Client provides graphical user interface.

Energy and cff can be set from the window opened by clicking on the Energy button in the client:

Set Energy

The position of both axes can be controlled from the Direct Axis Control window opened by clicking on the Axis button in the client. As units you can choose counts on the position encoder or angle in microradians:

Direct Axis Control

The Find Index subwindow is used for finding the reference marks if the monochromator appears to be miscalibrated and for unblocking the collision switch if the optical elements are in mutual collision (that can happen e.g. when setting very low photon energies).

Find Index

For these service operations the Service Mode must be selected by clicking by clicking on the Config - Mode button in the client.
Set Mode

If the monochromator keeps appearing miscalibrated although the reference marks are ok a calibration must be performed. Usually only one parameter is to be modified, Axis 1 Offset, count. Enter a modified value, click on Set and then Save Parameters.

Server Parameters

Further details

Complete manual of the monochromator and the related software is available here.
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