SPELEEM applications

XAS PEEM and Magnetic domain imaging


The combination of PEEM with x-ray magnetic dichroism has been one of the most successful application of microscopic imaging at Synchrotron Facilities. The high lateral resolution of our XPEEM microscope enables the Nanospectroscopy users to image magnetic domains down to mesoscopic length scales, well below 100 nm. read more...

From chemical mapping to nano-ESCA


Energy-filtered XPEEM discloses new opportunities in the study of nanostructured composite surfaces. Laterally resolved XPS and core level spectro-microscopy are the most powerful tools currently available on the SPELEEM to characterize the chemistry of the topmost surface layers of in-situ prepared specimens. read more...

Microprobe ARPES


Diffraction imaging in a LEEM-XPEEM micro- scope enables to access the electronic structure of surfaces and interfaces, probing an area of just 3 square microns. This operation mode, still largely unexploited, is expanding the application of XPEEM to intriguing fields such as layered materials and Graphene. read more...

Low energy electron microscopy (LEEM)


Low energy electron microscopy and related methods add structure sensitivity to the capabilities of synchrotron based spectro-microscopy. With a lateral resolution of just 10 nm, our LEEM is the ideal tool to unveil the dynamics of processes such as film growth and self-organization.

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