12/16 bit CCD

The camera head comprises a very high resolution 4008 horizontal x 2672 vertical pixels, full frame CCD imager, which is directly bonded to a tapered fibre optic with an active input area of 18 (h) x 12 (v) mmimaged on the sensor.

A GadOx scintillator has been deposited directly onto the front surface of this tapered fibre-optic. The scintillator is optimised for resolution with X-ray energies in the range 5 to 35 keV.
Pixel size: 4.5  microns square - Input taper ratio of 1:2 (Magnifying)
Cooled CCD sensor with ΔT of > 35°C
Up to 12-bit digitisation (fast readout) or up to 16-bit digitisation with Fusion driver
Fast 10Mhz readout speed. Readout: 1.8 full frames per second at bin = 1x1
Progressive Scan Interline Transfer KODAK KAI-11000 CCD sensor
CCD sensor with >45 %QE @ 550 nm
Total CCD noise @ 20 MHz < 30 e- ; Dark noise ≈ 3 e – /pixel/sec
Scintillator: Polycrystalline layer of GdOS

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