New Method for Measuring Angle-Resolved Phases in Photoemission

Here we present a new attosecond-precision interferometric method of angle-resolved measurement for the phase of the photoionization amplitudes, using two phase-locked extreme ultraviolet pulses of frequency ω and 2ω, from a free-electron laser. D.You et al. Physical Review X, 10, 031070 (2020)
Experimental setup

Using short-wavelength, phase-locked XUV light, we measure angular distributions of photoelectrons emitted from neon and determine the phase difference for one- and two-photon ionization wave packets. The extremely short (attoseconds) pulses required for streaking or attosecond pulse trains for RABBITT are not needed, and, instead, access to the photoemission phase with attosecond precision is provided by optical phase control with a precision of a few attoseconds, which is available from the free-electron laser FERMI.

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You D., Ueda K., Gryzlova E.V., Grum-Grzhimailo A.N., Popova M.M., Staroselskaya E.I., Tugs O., Orimo Y., Sato T., Ishikawa K.L., Carpeggiani P.A., Csizmadia T., Füle M., Sansone G., Maroju P.K., D’Elia A., Mazza T., Meyer M., Callegari C., Di Fraia M., Plekan O., Richter R., Giannessi L., Allaria E., De Ninno G., Trovò M., Badano L., Diviacco B., Gaio G., Gauthier D., Mirian N., Penco G., Rebernik Ribič P., Spampinati S., Spezzani C., Prince K.C.
Physical Review X, 10, 031070 (2020)
doi: 10.1103/PhysRevX.10.031070
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