Attosecond coherent control of electronic wave packets in two-colour photoionization using a novel timing tool for seeded free-electron laser

Here we demonstrate a novel single-shot technique able to determine the relative synchronization between an attosecond pulse train-generated by a seeded free-electron laser-and the optical oscillations of a near-infrared field, with a resolution of one atomic unit (24 as). P. K. Maroju et. al. Nature Photonics 17, 200, (2023)

The phase between an attosecond XUV pulse train and a near-infrared (NIR) field can be determined from the interference of two-photon transitions induced by the combination of the two fields.It is directly reflected in the photoelectron spectrum recorded under an appropriate geometry. In particular, the intensity of photoelectron peaks resulting from the absorption of neighbouring XUV harmonics, and the absorption or emission of a NIR photon leading to the same final state exhibits a sub-cycle dependence that is widely used in attosecond metrology and spectroscopy. In this work we demonstrate how this effect can be used to obtain the shot-to-shot relative phase between the XUV and NIR fields to observe a phase-sensitive physical process in a scenario of randomly fluctuating delays.

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Maroju P. K, Di Fraia M, Plekan O, Bonanomi M, Merzuk B, Busto D, Makos I, Schmoll M, Shah R, Rebernik Ribič P, Giannessi L, De Ninno G, Spezzani C, Penco G, Demidovich A, Danailov M, Coreno M, Zangrando M, Simoncig A, Manfredda M, Squibb R. J, Feifel R, Bengtsson S, Simpson E R, Csizmadia T, Dumergue M, Kühn S, Ueda K, Li J, Schafer K. J, Frassetto F, Poletto L, Prince K. C, Mauritsson J, Callegari C, Sansone G
Nature Photonics (2023)
doi: 10.1038/s41566-022-01127-3

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