Attosecond pulse shaping using a seeded free-electron laser

We demonstrate amplitude and phase manipulation of the harmonic components of an attosecond pulse train in combination with an approach for its temporal reconstruction. The results presented here open the way to performing attosecond time-resolved experiments with free-electron lasers. 
P. K. Maroju et al. Nature 578, 386 (2020)

Illustration: J.Oschwald and C.Callegari.
The high intensities in the XUV and X-ray spectral region reached by FELs, combined with the capabilities offered by seeding to independently control and shape the amplitudes and phases of attosecond pulses, are opening new possibilities for the investigation and control of ultrafast nonlinear electronic processes.
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Maroju Praveen Kumar, Grazioli Cesare, Di Fraia Michele, Moioli Matteo, Ertel Dominik, Ahmadi Hamed, Plekan Oksana, Finetti Paola, Allaria Enrico, Giannessi Luca, De Ninno Giovanni, Spezzani Carlo, Penco Giuseppe, Spampinati Simone, Demidovich Alexander, Danailov Miltcho Boyanov, Borghes Roberto, Kourousias Georgios, Sanches Dos Reis Carlos Eduardo, Billé Fulvio, Lutman Alberto, Squibb Richard, Feifel Raimund, Carpeggiani Paolo, Reduzzi Maurizio, Mazza Tommaso, Meyer Michael, Bengtsson Samuel, Ibrakovic Neven, Simpson Emma, Mauritsson Johan, Csizmadia Tamas, Dumergue Mathieu, Kühn Sergei, Nandiga Gopalakrishna Harshitha, You Daehyun, Ueda Kiyoshi, Labeye Marie, Bækhøj Jens E, Schafer Kenneth J, Gryzlova Elena, Grum-Grzhimailo Alexei, Prince Kevin Charles, Callegari Carlo, Sansone Giuseppe
Nature 578, 386 (2020)
doi: 10.1038/s41586-020-2005-6

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