magnetic endstation

The magnetic end-station is equipped with a 1.6 Tesla electromagnet that works alongside an X-Wollaston polarimeter (TONIX) to facilitate time-resolved ellipsometry experiments. Additionally, it features a fast single photon-counting microchannel plate (MCP) phosphor position detector for scattering experiments and a 25 K ARS closed-cycle cryostat for low-temperature studies. The beamline's modular design ensures compatibility with external user-provided detectors and instrumentation, offering the necessary flexibility to accommodate a wide variety of experimental needs.
A concise overview about the FEL-SLU pump-probe scattering geometries is reported here.

  • Single-shot EUV polarimeter
  • reflection and transmission geometry
  • 25 K closed cycle cryostat
  • 1.6 T electromagnet
  • sample transfer system for air sensitive samples
  • quasi-collinear FEL-SLU in-coupling
  • The MagneDyn beamline at the Fermi free electron laser, Rev. Sci. Instrum. 93, 115109 (2022);


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