The MagneDyn beamline: Investigating Ultrafast Magnetic Phenomena

The manipulation of magnetic order using light is a critical area of research in contemporary magnetism. In particular, the non-equilibrium conditions that arise in magnetic materials following excitation by intense femtosecond laser pulses have garnered significant attention over the past two decades. These highly non-equilibrium states evolve rapidly, within the ultrafast temporal regime (<1 ps), rendering the traditional framework of classical thermodynamics inadequate for describing the magnetic phenomena. Consequently, the ultrafast mechanisms responsible for transferring energy and angular momentum between photons, electrons, spins, and phonons remain elusive and a subject of ongoing debate. The MagneDyn beamline serves as an innovative research tool in the realm of ultrafast magneto-dynamical studies, offering a combination of pump-probe optical and X-ray spectroscopie Researchers can perform time-resolved extreme ultraviolet (EUV) magneto-optical Kerr/Faraday effect studies (tr-EUV MOKE) and resonant x-ray emission scattering (tr-RXES), while varying sample temperature (from 300K down to 10K) and applying high magnetic fields (1.6 Tesla). This unique combination of capabilities enables a more comprehensive understanding of ultrafast magnetic phenomena and their underlying mechanisms.

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