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The users of FERMI@Elettra are encouraged to get in touch with the local contacts to discuss all issues regarding the photon beam diagnostics. We will be happy to provide advice and feedback on both scientific and technical matters.

Marco ZANGRANDO (coordinator)

Work: +39 040-375-8831
Work: +39 040-375-8783
Mobile: +39 3666176915
Fax: +39 040-375-8830
Michele MANFREDDA (scientist)

Work: +39 040-375-8474
Work: +39 040-375-8783
Work: +39 040-375-8632
Mobile: +39 334-6112544
Alberto SIMONCIG (scientist)

Work: +39 040-375-8605
Mobile: +39 3371417553
Nicola MAHNE (CNR-IOM scientist)

Work: +39 040-375-8832
Work: +39 040-375-8730
Work: +39 040-375-8783
Mobile: +39 3351708470
Riccardo GOBESSI (on-board machine system)

Work: +39 040-375-8694
Mobile: +39 366-6176913
Claudio FAVA (senior mechanical designer)

Work: +39 040-375-8583
Work: +39 040-375-8783
Mobile: +39 335-1272642
Simone GERUSINA (junior mechanical designer and technician)

Work: +39 040-375-8845
Work: +39 040-375-8783
Mobile: +39 333-6229947
Lorenzo RAIMONDI (collaborator - optics and metrology)

Work: +39 040-375-8390
Work: +39 040-375-8632
Mobile: +39 331-6374621
Work: +39 040-375-8783
Luca RUMIZ (collaborator - vacuum)

Work: +39 040-375-8312
Work: +39 040-375-8730
Work: +39 040-375-8783
Mobile: +39 334-6931235

Former Members 

FEMTO Team - Paul Scherrer Institut
Cristian Svetina cristian.svetina AT psi.ch

Advanced Light Source - Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Daniele Cocco dcocco AT lbl.gov

Sincrotrone Trieste SCpA - Trieste (I)
Andrea Galimberti andrea.galimberti AT elettra.eu

Collaborators and Partners (current and past)

INAF / Osservatorio Astronomico di Brera (I)
Dr. Daniele Spiga

DESY - Hamburg (D)
Dr. Marion Kuhlmann
Dr. Elke Plonjes
Dr. Barbara Keitel
Dr. Kai Tiedtke

LaserLab - Gottingen (D)
Prof. Klaus Mann
Dr. Gunther Brenner
Dr. Tobias Mey

Elettra - Sincrotrone Trieste SCpA - Trieste (I)
Dr. Luca Rebuffi (optics)
Dr. Anna Bianco (optics and damage studies)
Luca Capasso (mechanics)
Ing. Ivan Cudin (engineering)
Rudi Sergo (electronics)
Dario Giuressi (electronics)

Useful numbers

FERMI Control Room   User Office  
CR: +39 040 375 8800 Michela Bassanese: +39 040 375 8628
    Letizia Pierandrei: +39 040 375 8538
    Ornela Zulma De Giacomo: +39 040 375 8534
FERMI Experimental hall   Other Beamlines at Elettra  
ESA phone: +39 040 375 8419 Telephone extensions  
Safety Hutch phone: +39 040 375 8924    

Medical Emergency

  • Call the First Aid at the closest Hospital, Cattinara: dial 0 and then 118.
  • Tell what's wrong to the personnel at the Entrance Gate: dial 8247.
  • Ask for help from your colleagues at the closest beamlines or call the Control Room.

Reaching Cattinara Hospital

Shipping Parcels

It has to be noted that the costs of transportation (including return), insurance, taxes and customs must be paid in advance by the user affiliation. In order to avoid delay in receiving materials, we recommend you to write clearly the name of your local contact at Elettra, with his/her internal phone number. It is strongly advised to e-mail us the tracking number of your parcel.

In the case you need to send equipment or samples to the PADReS group, please follow the instructions below. The name of the addressee (yourself or the local contact) should be clearly written on the parcel and on the delivery note accompanying it. Please, write down the address in the following format.
Addresses c/o Elettra
Strada Statale 14, in AREA Science Park
34149 Basovizza, Trieste

Take care not to forget the "c/o"!

How to Reach Elettra by Car from Trieste and Venice Airports

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