Project Clusters and Groups

Elettra - Sincrotrone Trieste has adopted a matrix-type of organization. There are five Strategic Initiatives, which correspond to distinct Project Clusters: Elettra, FERMI, Research, Technology Platform and the International Projects, grouped together based on the complementarity of the different project goals. The human and instrumental resources required by the different projects are managed within nine Groups of staff members with similar or related expertise. Projects are by definition initiatives with specific objectives, an explicit internal or external customer, finite duration, clearly identified milestones, non-recurring demands on Elettra - Sincrotrone Trieste’s financial and human resources, under the responsibility of a Project Leader. Projects are generally organized in Activities, devoted to the achievement of specific goals within the Project and under the responsibility of an Activity Leader. Recurring actions or functions that do not lend themselves to the project format, such as support services, facility operations or maintenance, are also organized in Activities pertaining to one or more of company Groups, under the responsibility of an Activity Leader.

international techno research fermi elettra
Coordinator: Marco MARAZZI

Accounting (Paola BEMBICH)

Planning, Budget and Internal auditing (Paola BEMBICH)

Project Management Office (Nicoletta GUIDI)

Purchasing (Donatella CHICCO)

Stockroom (Vittorio SILLA)

Travel Office (Isabella MASSAROTTI)

Coordinator: Alessandro FABRIS

Linac (Gerardo D'AURIA)

New sources (Giovanni DE NINNO)

Coordinator: Lisa VACCARI



MCX (Jasper Rikkert PLAISIER)

Nanoinnovation Laboratory (Loredana CASALIS)



Structural Biology Lab (Silvia Caterina Elvira ONESTI)

Syrmep (Giuliana TROMBA)

TwinMic (Alessandra GIANONCELLI)


Xpress (Lisa VACCARI)

X-Ray Fluorescence (Giuliana AQUILANTI)



Coordinator: Andrea LOCATELLI


ESCAmicroscopy (Luca GREGORATTI)

Gas Phase Photoemission (Robert RICHTER)

Materials Science (Kevin Charles PRINCE)

Micro-nano-carbon Lab (Andrea GOLDONI)

Nanoscale Materials Lab (Alessandro BARALDI)

Nanospectroscopy (Andrea LOCATELLI)

Spectromicroscopy (Alexey BARINOV)

SuperESCA (Silvano LIZZIT)

Support Lab (Gianluca BORTOLETTO)

Coordinator: Laura FORGIARINI

Communication (Maja DE SIMONI)

Events (Annamaria ACCETTULLI)

General services (Annamaria ACCETTULLI)

Human Resources (Matteo LARICE)

Industrial Liaison Office (Marco PELOI)

Institutional and Legal (Laura FORGIARINI)

Prevention and Safety (Flavio BAVDAZ)

Radiation Protection (Giovanni SCIAN)

Records (Livio RUSSO)

Secretarial support (Laura FORGIARINI)

Users Office (Michela BASSANESE)

Coordinator: Riccardo TOMMASINI

Beam diagnostics (Mario FERIANIS)

Detectors and instrumentation (Giuseppe CAUTERO)

Insertion Devices lab (Bruno DIVIACCO)

Laser lab (Miltcho Boyanov DANAILOV)

Power supplies lab (Roberto VISINTINI)

Pulsed magnet lab (Piergiorgio TOSOLINI)

Radiofrequency lab (Cristina PASOTTI)

Coordinator: Roberto PUGLIESE

Control Systems (Lorenzo PIVETTA)

ICT Systems and Services (Roberto PASSUELLO)

Scientific Computing (Fulvio BILLE`)

Software for Experiments (Roberto BORGHES)

Coordinator: Edoardo BUSETTO

Alignment and Metrology (Paolo FURLAN RADIVO)

Mechanical design (Ivan CUDIN)

Optics lab (Lorenzo RAIMONDI)

Vacuum lab (Luca RUMIZ)

Workshop (Maurizio BARNABA)

Coordinator: Dino ZANGRANDO

Civil Engineering (Alberto BUONANNO)

Electrical plant operations (Alessandro MARTINOLLI)

Energy management (Andrea GALIMBERTI)

Fluidic-mechanical (Marino MICULIN)

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