Project Management Office

Elettra Sincrotrone Trieste is an active participant in a wide range of scientific and technological International, National and Regional's projects and collaborations.
The research themes of the projects cover advanced research, both basic and applied, in fields ranging from physics, materials science and chemistry to medicine, biology and cultural heritage. Projects more specifically devoted to the development of synchrotron and FEL facilities involve the design of lightsources, optical equipment, spectrometers and detectors, as well as the construction of new beamlines and upgrading of the instrumentation.


What we do

Our activity consists of managing funding opportunities and projects within the framework of the company's strategic guidelines.

In particular

We are responsible for the operational standards and internal procedures for the proper implementation of the company's projects.
We identify funding sources within the framework of the company's strategic guidelines.
We provide researchers with information on calls for tenders according to their area of interest and offer collaboration and support, in particular for administrative aspects, preparation and submission of applications.
We manage and support the management of project initiatives at all stages.
We carry out all the activities necessary for the administration of research contracts.
We ensure the proper archiving and management (preservation, protection, access) of data and documents related to the activities described.
We monitor project-related processes with the aim of continuous improvement.

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