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Science is a key activity at Elettra - Sincrotrone Trieste. Every year, over one thousand academic and industrial users from more than 50 different countries come here to exploit the unique characteristics of our light sources and carry out state-of-the-art experiments in diverse basic and applied fields. The results of their research are published in top-level peer-reviewed journals, stimulating cultural growth and technological applications through the transfer of scientific knowledge. Training and education programs in the application of synchrotron radiation and in the development and support of the complex, multi-faceted technology platform required to keep our facilities running target the formation of the new generation of scientists and technicians. We continuously pursue the liveliest exchange of ideas as well as scientific dissemination by organizing and hosting conferences, workshops and scientific meetings.


Top Stories

Outstanding research and instrumentation developments that have been recently conducted at our beamlines and laboratories.


Browse through the list of the most relevant work carried out at our laboratory. Visitors are encouraged to download the Elettra Highlights  yearly report.


Search and submit articles, conference proceedings, patents, books, and technical reports using our online database on the Virtual Unified Office (VUO).


Conferences and Seminars

You will find information on conferences and workshops organized by the Laboratory and its partners, and the list of upcoming seminars.

Elettra library

Here you will find detailed information regarding access to subscribed online journals, books and other resources available through the Elettra library.


Scientific resources and links

Access to scientific links and other online resources.

Research and higher education in Trieste

Research and higher education institutions in Trieste.

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